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Food & Beverage

MinkDog Bespoke Blends are the creation of two people who simply love food and care about where it comes from. Striving for social responsibility, Chef Tyler Lewis and Robert Downey Jr. offer exciting flavors with local ingredients.

Patrick Adair Designs

Apparel & Jewelry

Custom hand-made rings made from exotic materials. Every ring has a unique story.


Apparel & Jewelry

Buttercloth makes extraordinarily soft dress shirts that give you a sophisticated comfortable feel.

BIOHM Health

Health & Wellness

BIOHM Health makes health supplements, super greens powders, and colon cleanse products to utilize your microbiome of healthy bacteria.



IKONICK is a canvas wall art brand created to inspire others by embodying popular culture and working with collaborators to build exclusive collections.

The Loop Loft


The Loop Loft focuses on creating classic, melodic, and punchy drum loops available in a digital download format. The productions are recorded using top musicians like Omar, Hakmn, Larry Goldings, Nate Smith, Matt Chamberlain and more!


Hempvana is a family-owned company that offers pain-relieving products to help soothe joint-pain, back pain, and more. With the powerful properties of hemp and lidocaine, Hempvana helps make pain relief accessible to everyone.


Digital Marketing

Seismic provides AI-powered enablement, training, and coaching solution that enables sales and marketing teams to engage buyers and grow revenue. When they came to GR0 they had the goal of generating new leads by owning the "sales enablement" space.



M13 is a wide-open resource for newly founded tech startup companies. With a wide portfolio of successful investments, M13 connects startups with the capital they need to shoot for the stars.


Health & Wellness

Theragun is a wellness company that provides in-home percussive therapy devices. From recovering athletes to achy injuries, Theragun's massaging devices are formulated with feedback from medical professionals to help customers and their muscles relax.


Digital Marketing

For startup brands and small businesses, Mutesix bridges the gap between struggle and success. With creative services and experts in a variety of digital marketing spaces, the Mutesix team is committed to results that speak for themselves.


Medical & Pharma

USA Rx is committed to bringing affordable prescriptions to all. With a vision that involves transparency and advocacy, USA Rx promotes a healthier America by breaking down barriers to medication.

Johnny Was

Apparel & Jewelry

Johnny Was is a bohemian fashion brand that takes inspiration from vintage details. From unique, high-end clothing to complementary styling services, Johnny Was is the first and last stop in timless apparel.


Food & Beverage

Snackmagic makes gift-giving simple. With a broad and ever-evolving library of snack choices, giftable snack boxes, and corporate gift options, Snackmagic makes work-from-home fun again.



Snif is a fine fragrance company that provides high-end fragrances at accessible prices. With vegan, genderless scents and a customer-forward try-before-you-buy program, Snif's products are innovating the fragrance industry.



Winona is a woman-owned healthcare company that empowers pre- and post-menopausal women through nutrition and hormone replacement therapy. Through personalized approaches and doctor-recommended treatment plans, Winona helps women enjoy life during (and after) menopause.

Vaster Capital

Real Estate

Vaster Capital is a private lender that helps connect prospective buyers with Florida real estate. From first-time buyers to real estate investors, Vaster Capital has flexible loans and real estate options for everyone.

Fighting for you


With an award-winning team of lawyers, the Schwartzapfel Lawyers bring tried-and-true expertise to their clients. With a winning track record and industry-wide recognition, this legal team fights for their clients to bring justice to the area of New York City.



A text marketing brand that partners with businesses to help streamline communication and increase customer engagement. With multiple customizable options and business strategies, TextSanity makes text marketing easy for everyone.



Andar creates handcrafted, full-grain leather goods for on-the-go professionals. Their high-quality, minimalist designs encourage customers to not just explore, but also de-clutter and reconnect with the essentials.

Kroma Wellness

Health & Wellness

Kroma Wellness makes functional nutrition easy. With their organic, all-natural, and clean ingredients, Kroma's delicious and nutrient-dense superfood blends make nutrition accessible for even the most on-the-go lifestyles.

Natural Patch

Health & Wellness

Fun, kid-friendly stickers infused with unique essential oil blends to address life's most common complaints. The Natural Patch Co. partners with parents to naturally support children in all phases of life.

Greater Than

Food & Beverage

Greater Than's electrolyte-infused coconut water blends have two goals in mind: happy moms and healthy babies. With their commitment to no added sugars and organic ingredients, Greater Than provides expecting and current mothers with delicious, clean hydration.


Digital Marketing

QuaGrowth is an email marketing agency that specializes in using email communication to strengthen customer/brand relationships. With QuaGrowth's personalized emails and strategies, elite brands can tap into the power of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and open channels of communication.


Beauty & Skincare

Bringing salon-quality manicures to the comfort of your home, Nailboo is revolutionizing the nail care industry. With Nailboo's at-home nail kits, consumers can choose from a variety of easy-to-apply styles and colors.

Skin Pharm

Beauty & Skincare

Skin Pharm is a beauty brand on a mission to provide quality dermatology for every skin concern. Between their in-person clinics and at-home skincare lineup, Skin Pharm makes glowing skin accessible for all.



An award-winning advertising platform that makes out-of-home (OOH) advertising easy and attainable for everyone. With connections all over the globe, AdQuick is the first and last stop in OOH advertising.

Andies Swim

Apparel & Jewelry

High-quality swimwear designed for every body and every occasion. With designs that are fine-tuned through consumer feedback and on-call swimwear experts, Andie helps bridge the gap between fit and fun.

Tasc Performance

Apparel & Jewelry

A family-owned activewear company that focuses on innovative, functional, and sustainable sports apparel. At Tasc Performance, you can find high-quality activewear designed by athletes, for athletes.


Apparel & Jewelry

Eterneva celebrates remarkable people by turning their hair or ashes into diamonds through a storytelling journey. Remembering those who have come before has never been so beautiful.



Whisker is a pet brand on the cutting edge of the pet care industry. With self-cleaning Litter-Robots, automatic feeders, and functional cat furniture, Whisker helps consumers focus on what really matters: quality time with their furry friends.

Next Health

Health & Wellness

Next Health is a wellness clinic that focuses not just on promoting general health, but also on improving quality of life. With physical offices that offer a variety of personalized health services, Next Health goes above and beyond basic healthcare.


Health & Wellness

Supplements crafted by experts to support health-conscious and active lifestyles. With all-natural and clinically proven ingredients, ASYSTEM provides a daily supplement system to help increase athletic performance and promote wellness.

High Times

High Times is a magazine and clothing company passionate about the legalization and normalaziation of cannabis. Since 1974, High Times has been a trusted source on all cannabis-related education.

Venus et Fleur


Venus et Fleur specializes in luxury rose bouquets that last up to a year. Not only do they use real flowers, but Venus et Fluer's arrangements are fully customizable to any need, preference, or occasion.


Health & Wellness

Ritual is a company created by women for women. They specialize in healthy living, nutritional products for pre- and post-natal care, and everyday supplements.

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