How GR0 Brought MVMT to the Top of Google SERP with Strategic Link Building in 3 Months


The Challenge

Despite specializing in high-quality watches, this client struggled to secure top positions in search results for non-branded product searches. Their primary collection remained hidden from potential customers who were searching for broad, non-branded terms related to watches, limiting their organic visibility and reach. With competition intensifying in the online marketplace, the client recognized the need to improve their search rankings to gain the exposure necessary to attract and convert new customers. Their goal was to ensure that their primary collection appeared prominently on the search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic and enhancing their brand's online visibility.

The Strategy

When the client first joined us, we examined their onboarding form to identify their top 10 target keywords. We then analyzed their current rankings for these terms and narrowed them down to what we consider "low-hanging fruit"—keywords we could strategically target with our link-building strategy to improve their rankings. This process involved analyzing the existing first-page rankings on the SERP and assessing the client's potential to compete with existing players.‍

We recommended targeting "men's watches" due to the client's established authority in this area, SERP analysis, and current positioning. The client was thrilled at the potential to reach the first page for this highly relevant term, considering watches are their core product, and confirmed that the Men's Watches collection page would be our target. Their budget for this initiative was set at $5,000 per month.

Proven Success

This client made a remarkable leap from the middle of page two (position #15) to the top of the first page, securing the #2 spot in search results. Their Men's Watches collection page reached the forefront of the SERPs for a high-traffic term with an impressive 35,000 monthly search volume. This achievement was massive for the client's brand awareness, leading to a surge in click-throughs and conversions.

The campaign's success not only demonstrated MVMT's strategic potential in targeting key pages with focused link-building efforts but also highlighted valuable content marketing opportunities, leveraging the brand's existing authority. By understanding how to apply similar strategies across other important pages, MVMT is well-positioned to continue enhancing its visibility and competitiveness in the marketplace.

MoM Data

12 month view of GSC showing the growth when we started the campaign, and links started gaining traction in early October 2023.

Key Takeaways

Non-Branded Backlink Strategies Work. When key signals like domain authority, page relevance, and query relevance align, non-branded backlink strategies can significantly boost rankings.

Industry Authority Matters. Leveraging a brand's established authority in its industry provides a strong foundation for improving search engine visibility.

Site Optimizations Are Crucial. Ensuring a website is fully optimized helps reinforce backlink strategies, maximizing the impact on SERP rankings.


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