How GR0 elevated menopause care brand Winona with Performance PR, nearly doubling their Domain Rating and ranking 700+ keywords on Google’s first page


Increase in Domain Rating


Ranking Non-Branded Keywords


Keywords Ranked #1 on Google

The Challenge

Winona, a leader in menopause care, approached GR0 with a unique challenge. They sought to increase website traffic and transform that visibility into solid leads, primarily by improving keyword rankings. ‍

In the competitive digital landscape of health and wellness, particularly within the niche of menopause care, achieving this goal was no small task. But with a personalized strategy, GR0 was able to help them achieve it.

The Strategy

Our solution was to craft and execute a robust Performance PR strategy tailored specifically to Winona's unique needs and challenges. 

Our primary focus was on enhancing the domain authority of Winona's website by securing branded backlinks from reputable publications. This strategy aimed to position Winona as a trustworthy and authoritative voice in the menopause care and wellness sector.‍

Winona's low domain rating (DR) of 28 initially presented a significant hurdle, preventing them from achieving top positions in Google search results. However, we were confident in the potential of our strategy and its transformative power, and the outcome was explosive.‍

Over the course of a year, our persistent and targeted link-building efforts proved fruitful. Winona's domain rating surged from 28 to an impressive 45, paving the way for Winona to rank for nearly 15k non-branded keywords, 723 of which secured a coveted spot on Google's first page.‍

Our collaboration with Winona is a testament to our innovation, expertise, and tenacity. In the highly competitive health and wellness sector, digital marketing presents numerous challenges. However, with the right strategies and unwavering dedication from our team, the sky's the limit.

Key Takeaways

After a year of targeted link-building, Winona's domain rating jumped from 28 to an impressive 45. This underscores the potency of a well-planned link-building approach in fortifying domain authority.

An adept SEO strategy leads to exceptional keyword ranking achievements.

Innovation, expertise, and relentless determination lead to results, especially within the fiercely competitive health and wellness landscape.


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