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Email Marketing for Buttercloth: The World's Most Comfortable Shirt

Buttercloth makes extraordinarily soft dress shirts that give you a sophisticated comfortable feel.


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Our results over 12 months:


Email List Growth


Revenue Growth


Our Challenge

Buttercloth launched with the ambition of creating the world's softest, most comfortable shirt for men. As a startup, our main challenge was driving awareness and making creative that resonated with an audience willing to buy $100+ dress shirts. Once the announcement was made Buttercloth would be on the award winning Shark Tank TV Show, we spent time building assets to capture new visitors at scale and optimizing collection pages for best performance.

Our Results

Leveraging the influx of new visitors and word of mouth marketing from the live episode, we were able to experience 5X email list growth with custom Shark Tank creative throughout the website. The increase in email subscribers directly translated into a 600% revenue increase. Email Marketing became Buttercloth's #1 Marketing channel for driving revenue for the brand.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“GR0’s knowledge, experience, and creative approach to Email and Conversational Marketing has been one of the biggest factors in scaling our growth.”

Danh Tran Founder & CEO, Buttercloth

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