How We Boosted Ritual’s Organic Monthly Visitors and Saved Them Hundreds of Thousands in Ad Spend



Unique Monthly Customers Now Visiting the Site


Money Saved on PPC, Ads, and Branded Content


Increase in Unique Monthly Visitors

The Challenge

Ritual is an extremely marketing-savvy brand, but their reach had hit a wall. They successfully promoted themselves through Facebook and paid Google ads, but their site traffic started to plateau.‍

New customers decreased, and the cost of Google marketing was becoming a financial strain on the company.

‍GR0’s mission was to help Ritual reach new customers using cost-effective and organic marketing, so we committed to a strategy focused on creating helpful blog posts and enhancing how easily people could find Ritual’s main product pages when searching online.

The Strategy

We dove head-first into a content-focused campaign, producing blog posts content that answered key questions from Ritual’s audience. We also improved Ritual's visibility in organic search by optimizing their key product landing pages, which helped them rank for the most relevant keywords.‍

When GR0 started working with Ritual, they had an estimated 12,000 unique monthly visitors. Within one year, Ritual saw that number increase to 65,000 monthly visitors, which would have cost them an estimated $164,000 using paid media like PPC, branded content, and ads. 

They now see a steady flow of unique customers, up to 200,000 per month, thanks to the long-lasting results of our campaign.‍

Our approach even helped Ritual rank No. 3 in the Google results for the high-competition term “Prenatal Vegan Vitamins.”

Key Takeaways

Targeted, audience-driven content plays a pivotal role in enhancing online visibility.

For sustainable growth, organic search optimization can prove to be a better approach than paid media through increased monthly visitors.

Investing in strategic organic growth strategies ensures sustained customer retention and showcases the lasting benefits of audience-focused content campaigns for long-term success.


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