How We Doubled Monthly Email Revenue for Bragg in One Year


Increase in Email Revenue


Increased Engaged Audience


Increase Average Monthly Open Rates

The Challenge

Bragg approached us with frustrations, sharing that their previous partnership hadn't brought the results they had hoped for. Bragg felt that their old partner’s approach lacked the attention to detail necessary for their complex marketing needs, leading to inefficient budget spending and subpar email campaign performance. Before working with GR0, Bragg primarily relied on simplistic and generic email automations, mostly consisting of promotions like discounts and flash sales. These campaigns were generating a monthly revenue of around $8,500, which they wanted to increase.

Within months of implementation, Bragg experienced a substantial increase in email campaign performance. The monthly average revenue per campaign increased by over 100%, skyrocketing from $8,500 to approximately $18,500. Open rates saw a significant uptick, climbing from 41% to 50% on average. These improvements not only validate GR0's specific approach but also highlight the huge impact of strategic email marketing.

The Strategy

We accepted the challenge and made a game plan to increase email revenue for the client. Recognizing the limitations of Bragg's previous email strategy, we implemented an approach to revamp their email marketing efforts. First, GR0 completed a redesign and rebranding of their email templates, infusing them with the brand's signature elements such as a distinct red bar and gold background, ensuring consistency, visual appeal, and brand recognition across all communications.

‍We switched up and diversified Bragg's email content beyond promotions, incorporating a wide array of engaging materials sourced from Bragg's website. We threw in blog posts, lifestyle tips, seasonal information, and most importantly, healthy recipes tailored to Bragg's product offerings. This strategic shift not only enhanced the relevance of Bragg's emails but also catered to the diverse interests of their audience.

‍We then implemented advanced audience segmentation strategies, ensuring that each email campaign reached the most relevant recipients. By segmenting Bragg's email list based on engagement levels and preferences, GR0 significantly increased the effectiveness and personalization of Bragg's email outreach efforts.


We experimented with different lead capture strategies and pop-ups on platforms like Justuno.‍

Email campaigns were themed around special blog content like recipes and life hacks, highlighting relevant products that the client sold. Blog and newsletter content allowed us to educate the customer on the products while keeping them engaged with the brand.

Recipe content delivered an opportunity to teach the customer how to use the products while highlighting key ingredients that the client sells.

 Deliverables included email designs and SMS messages built out in their respective platforms.

 We created a Wellness Challenge email campaign to give users another opportunity to engage with the brand.

Proven Success

We are so proud of the significant transformation we achieved in their email marketing approach. Despite having prior experience with email campaigns, our strategic segmentation and revamped email strategies enabled them to generate substantially more revenue through email than ever before. Witnessing such tangible and impactful results is incredibly fulfilling, as it shows the effectiveness of our tailored approach and the value we bring to our clients' businesses.

There is huge potential that lies within refining email strategy. By implementing new content, segmentation techniques, and enhancing automations, the possibilities for turning email into a highly lucrative channel are endless. Our approach maximizes revenue and fosters deeper engagement with the audience, ultimately driving long-term success and business growth.

Above you can see the huge increase from August to April of this year

Key Takeaways

Investing in email automations wisely can bring increased revenue from your website audience over time and build personal relationships with your audience.

Expertise in email automations can increase ROI from email alone.

Engaging and cohesive email design is a must for brand recognition, visual appeal, and engagement.


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