How we Skyrocketed Non-Branded Impressions Through High-Quality Content Writing



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The Challenge

Ubisoft executives identified a pressing issue: the need to improve the search ranking for the term "How to learn guitar" and overcome their acquisition challenges with the Rocksmith+ product. Their primary focus was on increasing organic traffic and visibility. Specifically, they aimed to secure top positions for keywords related to "guitar tuner" and "how to play guitar."

The Strategy

We started by creating plenty of beginner-friendly content on learning guitar, covering topics like chords, scales, and playing popular songs. We generated a substantial amount of educational content. While our link-building efforts targeted keywords like "guitar tuner" and "how to play guitar," surprisingly, our main success came from the quality of the content itself.‍

To enhance our SEO efforts, we focused on internal linking and on-page optimization techniques. The real game-changer was consistently producing valuable and fresh content. As a result, we achieved high rankings for various keywords related to tuning, demonstrating the effectiveness of our content-driven approach.


Through our partnership with Ubisoft, we executed a content strategy that achieved remarkable results. By consistently delivering a substantial volume of high-quality content, we witnessed a significant increase in non-branded traffic. We have a great deal of ready-to-publish material, which plays a pivotal role in elevating Ubisoft's search rankings. We achieved an impressive milestone of over a million new non-branded impressions, solidifying Ubisoft's online presence and driving substantial audience engagement.‍

We optimized key pages to enhance their performance, and made a few strategic updates to existing articles. This refinement process has been instrumental in sustaining our momentum, as shown by the continuous month-over-month improvement in blog and non-branded traffic since the start of our campaign.

Visual Representation of Results: Search Engine Rankings and Non-Branded Traffic

The above images show Ubisoft ranking first on Google for different tips on how to tune a guitar.

Key Takeaways

Consistently delivering high-quality content leads to eventual success.

Investing time in SEO yields valuable returns, making patience a worthwhile virtue.

Content isn't just about SEO! It's a versatile tool that can elevate your presence on platforms like Google Discover and social media, offering more than just search engine benefits.


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