How GR0’s Google Ads Team Decreased CPA for Pluto Ahead of Major Robinhood Acquisition



Decrease in CPA


Monthly Conversions

The Problem

Pluto, a pioneering player in the digital wealth management arena, launched an advanced beta web app aimed at equipping subscribers with AI-enhanced tools for navigating the stock, equity, and cryptocurrency markets. Despite its cutting-edge functionalities designed to empower users with insightful investment strategies, Pluto faced a critical challenge: their user acquisition efforts were stalling. The steep cost per acquisition (CPA) made scaling their user base costly and inefficient. The mission was clear yet daunting — boost their platform's user base significantly while managing to keep the CPA within profitable margins.

Our Strategy

At GR0, we took on Pluto’s Google Ads challenges with a streamlined, four-step game plan. First, we cut through the clutter by consolidating over-segmented campaigns, boosting weekly conversions and paving the way for richer data insights. Next, we switched from automated bidding to Manual CPC to fine-tune our bids based on real performance data, then smoothly shifted back to a targeted CPA strategy once we had solid conversion metrics. We also broadened our keyword strategy, targeting a diverse range of terms to ramp up click-through rates. Lastly, we dialed in our focus with sharp retargeting campaigns on Google's display network and YouTube, catching users who were already warmed up and ready to engage.


After merging fragmented campaigns, we observed a more streamlined flow of user interactions that enhanced our analytical capabilities. This allowed us to identify and double down on high-performing keywords and demographic segments, effectively reducing waste.

By handling bids manually at first, we could quickly adapt to market changes and optimize ad spend for the best performing ads. This hands-on adjustment period was critical for setting up a successful return to automated strategies, armed with better data.

We introduced new keywords that tapped into less competitive but highly relevant areas of financial advice and crypto investment, which broadened our reach and attracted a more engaged audience to Pluto's platform.

We developed custom retargeting ads that addressed previous visitor behaviors and preferences, significantly increasing conversion rates. These ads reminded users of Pluto’s unique features just when they were most likely to reconsider the value offered, thereby maximizing return visits and conversions.

Proven Success

Seeing Pluto's transformation was a real highlight for our team. We didn’t just tweak a few settings; we revamped their entire Google Ads strategy from the ground up, which led to some pretty impressive results. Simplifying their campaigns allowed us to gather clean, actionable data that informed every decision we made thereafter. We managed bids by hand until we had enough data to let automation do the heavy lifting intelligently.

The changes were clear and fast: a dramatic drop in CPA and a surge in conversions. This wasn’t just a win on paper — it was a strategic shift that positioned Pluto for new opportunities, paving the way for their exciting acquisition by Robinhood. This move marks a new chapter where Pluto's AI-driven capabilities will further enhance Robinhood's platform, offering users sophisticated tools to make smarter investment decisions quickly and efficiently. This success isn’t just about scaling a business but about setting a foundation for significant industry impact.

Key Takeaways

Consolidating over-segmented campaigns and collecting comprehensive data allows for informed re-segmentation, leading to increased weekly conversions and better utilization of Google Ads.

Transitioning from automated bid strategies to Manual CPC and back to a data-informed automated strategy (tCPA) can optimize spending efficiency and performance.

Creative development of granular retargeting campaigns on Google's display network and YouTube can effectively lower CPA for new users.


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