How GR0 established Natural Patch as the go-to brand for mosquito repellant, sleep aid, and allergy relief stickers and increased organic traffic by 34% and revenue by 19%



Increase in Monthly Direct Organic Revenue


Increase in Ranking Keywords


Increase in Organic Unique Monthly Visitors

The Challenge

Natural Patch faced challenges due to its limited online presence and authority in the insect repellant space. GR0 was enlisted to develop and implement a comprehensive SEO and backlink campaign that increased organic revenue, traffic, keyword rankings and more!‍Starting with only 55 organic keywords and 20 referring domains, we built an intense strategy to reach their goals.

Our campaign was so successful that it won the award for Transformative Digital Marketing Campaign at the 2023 Platinum dotCOMM Awards.

The Strategy

We began our SEO strategy by building high quality blog content around various mosquito topics to establish Natural Patch’s authority in the space. From there, we targeted keywords related to their products including patches for itching, sleep, and cravings. We also published content that demonstrated authority around essential oils and allergy topics because those topic clusters presented high traffic potential.‍Our Performance PR strategy increased backlinks to their site to boost their Domain Rating and overall authority on Google

(Increase in Referring Domains for the 18 month campaign)

In addition to publishing new content and acquiring high-authority backlinks, we optimized existing pages on the site, ensuring they were targeting and ranking for the best revenue-driving keywords.

(Organic Keyword Ranking Increases for the 18 month campaign)

GR0 took Natural Patch from 55 ranking keywords to 2,694, from 20 referring domains to 572, increased their traffic value over 202.38%, and grew their organic revenue more than 18.84%, all in less than a year!

Organic Clicks and Impressions Increases over 12 months

Key Takeaways

To own a niche, you need to implement expertly-crafted content, backlink and on page optimization strategies.

Quality, high-authority backlinks are crucial in increasing your overall authority in the eyes of Google.

Building content helps you rank for revenue-driving keywords—it just takes time and commitment.


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