How GR0 increased Alaskan King Crab Co.’s ROAS by 40%, boosted AOV and decreased their CPA through whitelisting.


Increase in ROAS


Purchase Value From $27K in Spend


Increase in Average Order Value


Alaskan King Crab Co. did not have access to their Facebook page and could not run paid ads through Meta, which was causing them to lose out on conversions.

GR0’s mission was to find a way to work around a disabled meta account to reinstate ads, capitalize on their following, and bring them new customers.


GR0’s strategy focused on leveraging our impressive influencer connections to whitelist creator accounts with the goal of increasing conversions. 

In Alaskan King Crab Co’s case, we were able to successfully scale and grow their ad account during Q4 using whitelisted creative. 

Strategy wise, we relied heavily on Advantage+Shopping campaigns and broad targeting, which improved top-of-funnel traffic and conversions all while the brand’s meta account was disabled. 

Key Takeaways

Whitelisting quality ad content can increase conversions for brands if done properly

Working with GR0’s creative department and paid teams together gives brands a competitive advantage in the industry

Whitelisting ensures that brands’ ads appear in relevant and brand-safe environments, contributing to a positive brand image


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