How we doubled SwagMagic’s online authority, increased clicks and impressions, and secured 1,200 top-ranking keywords on Google's page 1



Increase in Online Authority


Increased in Total Keywords


Increase in Clicks and Impressions

The Challenge

SwagMagic was a newer site that lacked authority online. They needed GR0’s help to improve their domain authority within their vertical.‍

By strategically incorporating a non-branded backlink strategy alongside our branded approach, we significantly enhanced their chances of achieving higher rankings in search results and attracting valuable organic traffic.

The Strategy

We first worked to acquire branded backlinks to strengthen SwagMagic’s backlink profile and overall domain rating. Using Ahrefs' Domain Rating (DR) metric tool, we monitored our progress. After starting with a DR of 24, we achieved an impressive DR of 48 — a noteworthy 100% increase in authority in just under a year. ‍

SwagMagic started the year with 67 keywords on Google, and by December achieved 857 keywords, an astounding 525% surge in total keywords and a 1,200% increase in keywords occupying Google’s top spots. ‍

The increase in rankings also boosted clicks and impressions, increasing clicks by 1,100% and impressions by 650% from the start of the year.

Key Takeaways

Leveraging a mix of robust non-branded and branded backlink strategies significantly enhances online authority.

To increase ranking keywords, you need to prioritize targeted keyword usage, content relevance, and user engagement.

Building quality content will generate higher clicks and impressions over time.


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