How GR0 leveraged SEO to help Greater Than increase their revenue by 55% in 7 months



Increase in Monthly Direct Organic Revenue


Increase in New Ranking Keywords


Increase in Unique Monthly Visitors

The Challenge

Greater Than was interested in shifting their target audience from athletes to pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. 

Since the content on their site was mostly focused on sports and exercise, we had to start from scratch to rank for new target customers, increase organic traffic, and raise brand awareness.

The Strategy

We started by revamping their website’s content to reach their new target audience. This included creating more than 50 informational blog posts to drive top of funnel traffic to create brand awareness. This also allowed the website to rank for new keywords to increase non-branded traffic.‍

Updating  meta on core pages helped the site gain better keyword traction for the target and related keywords.‍

We also focused on non-branded and branded backlinks to increase the amount of websites backlinking to the client with the goal of building site trust and authority. Non-branded backlinks help improve priority keywords to reach the new audience looking for breastfeeding drinks.

Key Takeaways

Quality, top of funnel content is needed to help gain new keywords to reach your target audience.

To change your target audience, you need content, links, and technical SEO.

By obtaining both branded and non-branded backlinks you can build website authority while improving specific keyword rankings.


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