Success story:

How GR0 Leveraged SEO for Snif

Snif is a fine fragrance company that provides high-end fragrances at accessible prices. With vegan, genderless scents and a customer-forward try-before-you-buy program, Snif's products are innovating the fragrance industry.

Our Strategy:


Content Writing

On-Page Optimization

Performance PR

Guest Blogs

Our results over 12 months:


Increase in Keywords on 1st page of SERPs


Backlinks acquired during campaign


Increase in Domain Rating


Our Challenge

Although Snif’s domain rating wasn’t low to begin with at 33, they struggled to increase it further and the lack of a strong DR impacted Google’s ability to rank and index their content. This was also impacting Snif’s ability to rank high on non-branded searches, which was costing the brand a huge opportunity in organic traffic.

Our Results

Using our organic reporter outreach strategy, GR0 was able to lift Snif’s domain rating by 6 points in just 3 months. This had a direct impact on the brand’s organic traffic, which jumped from 2,700 visits per month to over 4,700 visits per month. As a direct result of DR increases and the publication of guest blogs, GR0 was also able to improve keyword ranking for one of Snif’s most important non-branded keywords from the 80th position → 18th, driving an increase in organic traffic growth.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Gr0's eye for opportunity and emphasis on action has brought our search performance to the next level, and we're reaping benefits from our partnership faster than expected. From launching our brand's blog to securing top-notch back-links, our Gr0 team is playing a vital role in our organic marketing strategy."

Marilyn Zubak, Director of Customer Acquisition, Partnerships, and Offline Marketing

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