How GR0 built the foundation for Snif’s SEO and increased non-branded traffic by 173x!



Increase in new users from blogs


Increase in top 10 KWs


Increase in non-branded organic traffic

The Challenge

As a young company, Snif’s domain rating had a lot of room to grow in order to compete in the industry. They were also ranking for very few non-branded terms, so we had to build their SEO strategy from the ground up.

The Strategy

We built over 100 external backlinks to the website to help increase the brand authority in the space while increasing keyword ranking on priority product terms, helping drive more organic traffic to the website.‍

Content focused around key product launches and other evergreen avenue helped bring in 2.8x more new users to the website.‍

Optimizing URLs to specific scents helped product and collection pages gain traction for non-branded keywords. ‍

With a three-prong approach of backlinks, on-page optimization, and content, we saw a 173x increase in non-branded traffic.

19x total keyword growth with 11x more keywords in the top 10

Snif is showing up in 32x more non-branded searches with 173x more non-branded traffic

Key Takeaways

By adding a blog, we were able to build Snif’s SEO foundation and make them more visible in non-branded searches to reach their target audience.

By building backlinks, we were able send off-site signals to help increase the website authority and keyword ranking for specific terms.

Optimizing product pages toward a non-branded keyword with internal linking in content helped increase the number of keywords Snif ranks for and their non-branded organic traffic.


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