How we took Mad Rabbit from 10.5k non-branded clicks to 74.7k non-branded clicks in 18 months



Year-Over-Year Increase in Organic Revenue


Year-Over-Year Increase in Top 10 Position Keywords


Year-Over-Year Increase in Non-Branded Organic Traffic

The Challenge

GR0’s been working with Mad Rabbit to increase their site’s non-branded traffic.‍

Our primary challenge was getting Mad Rabbit to rank high in the Search Results for tattoo aftercare along with their product pages and net-new blogs we drafted.‍

Once we made initial optimizations and built a considerable blog catalog, the challenge was to increase organic users and revenue.

The Strategy

Our SEO content strategy consisted of robust keyword research and competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities in their vertical.‍

We wrote informative, optimized content around topic clusters that their target audience is searching for. In turn, we were able to prop up their priority keyword rankings, including moving tattoo aftercare into the top 3

Our strategy also included internal linking and optimization of PDPs, which improved product keyword rankings and traffic to PDPs.‍

We acquired backlinks to our tattoo aftercare blog, supporting our efforts to rank in the top 3 for its primary keyword and stabilizing its ranking volatility.

Total clicks and impressions increase YoY

Key Takeaways

Quality, expert-written/reviewed content is crucial in Health & Beauty

To own a niche, you need content, backlinks, and technical SEO working together in tandem.

Building content clusters helps you rank for all priority keywords; both blog and product — it just takes time and commitment.


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