How we improved our makeup client’s organic revenue by 87% in one year by gaining 217% more 1st page rankings on Google.



Increased Organic Revenue by 87%, YoY


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Number of Keywords on 1st Page on Google

The Challenge

Content is still a very fundamental and important part of SEO strategies, so we created a robust, targeted content strategy to rank for keywords that are important to our client’s industry and, more importantly, their target audience.‍

However, while content is still king, we supported our content strategy via acquiring high-quality backlinks to target pages, and optimized important pages to help them rank better for revenue-driving queries.

The Strategy

New content creation has been pivotal in our SEO strategy. In addition to the content GR0 has written directly for this client, we also provided their internal writers with additional titles, often accompanied by customized content briefs to share SEO insights and recommendations as to how to construct the articles, what to include, along with competitor analysis for the top ranking results in the SERPs for that article’s focus keyword.‍

Additionally, with a healthy monthly budget towards link acquisition, we have successfully ranked on the 1st page for their first target keyword, and are now targeting a second, newer target keyword with our backlinks.‍

To support these efforts, we’ve optimized important pages across the site, focusing first on the more transactional/commercial pages.‍

What we’ve accomplished:

  • +87% Organic Revenue, YoY

  • +61% Organic Traffic, YoY

  • +214% Keywords Ranked on 1st Page of Google, YoY

  • +160% Total Number of Keywords Ranked, YoY‍

What we did to achieve these results:

  • Written & published 46 blog articles

  • Provided 19 content briefs for client’s internal writers

  • Optimized 58 important pages

  • Added almost 400 individual image alt texts

  • Resolved 404: Page Not Found Errors

  • Acquired 51 high-quality, non-branded backlinks

Our campaign began in November 2022

Our keyword ranking performance growth was nothing short of impressive.

Key Takeaways

Producing high-quality, targeted content is crucial for generating organic visibility that leads to organic traffic & revenue growth.

Optimizing pages with higher transactional intent is necessary to improve high-value keyword rankings that drive organic revenue growth.

Acquiring high-quality, non-branded backlinks provides that extra boost to help important pages rank even better for revenue-driving queries.


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