How GR0 Grew Circufiber’s Attributed Revenue by Nearly 15%



Attributed Revenue - We saw a significant increase from 35.28%, with email campaigns making up 48% of this growth.


Click Rate - Improved from 1.15%, marking a 72% increase and maintaining strong engagement.


Subscribers - The list grew by 19%, indicating a growing interest and trust in Circufiber’s communication.

The Problem

When Circufiber first came to GR0, they were stuck in a frustrating cycle of low engagement and underwhelming revenue from their email marketing efforts, especially noticeable during peak sales periods like Black Friday. Their in-house strategies struggled to capitalize on their unique product offerings — diabetic-friendly socks — resulting in a poor click rate of just 1.15% and attributed revenue lingering around 35.28%. They were in dire need of a strategy that not only enhanced engagement but did so without the crutch of constant promotions, focusing instead on educating and nurturing their customer base.

Our Services

After gaining a thorough understanding of Circufiber's unique challenges and needs, GR0 steered its expertise into action:

Email Marketing


Paid Social

Our Strategy

Understanding Circufiber's aspirations for growth without excessive promotions, GR0 rolled up its sleeves to overhaul their email marketing strategy using Klaviyo. Our plan was to deepen customer connections and enhance lifecycle management. We began by meeting with the Circufiber team to grasp their vision and challenges thoroughly. Our strategy was multifaceted:

We optimized the aesthetic and functional aspects of their email designs to improve engagement rates. We also revamped their email content to better communicate the value of Circufiber's innovative, diabetes-friendly socks. These improvements transformed generic promotional emails into engaging stories, resulting in more opens, more clicks, and eventually, more purchases.

We revamped their segmentation approach, targeting emails more precisely, which increased the total recipients by over 221% in the past three months. Key enhancements included refining their welcome flow and other critical customer journey points such as abandoned checkout and add-to-cart flows, adding new sequences like back-in-stock and failure-to-launch to re-engage customers. 

We boosted Circufiber's online visibility, ensuring they show up when potential customers searched for diabetes-friendly socks online. This helped position Circufiber as a top choice for those seeking supportive, comfortable sock options aimed specifically at their needs.

Our paid social experts leveraged social media advertising to amplify Circufiber's message beyond their existing customer base. By promoting engaging content that highlighted the benefits of Circufiber's socks, we attracted new potential customers, growing their audience and fostering more brand familiarity.


The new welcome series saw a performance boost of 17%, becoming the top-performing flow due to its optimized content and design.

Creative themed campaigns such as “longer days, shorter socks” saw great success and resonated well with the audience, adding a fresh twist to the usual offerings.

Proven Success

Our collaboration with Circufiber turned their email marketing from a basic touchpoint into a robust revenue-generating tool. We didn't just send emails; we sent targeted, engaging, and informative campaigns that spoke directly to the needs and interests of their customers, resulting in:

A significant boost in deliverability, reaching 325,300 more recipients than before.

A near-even split in the effectiveness of flows and campaigns, contributing to a whopping 49% of attributed revenue without the need for heavy promotions.

The conversion of non-purchasers into loyal customers through nurtured and targeted content.

MoM Growth

Explore the transformative journey of Circufiber’s email marketing through detailed graphs and charts here: These visuals starkly depict the before and after of our strategic overhaul, showcasing substantial improvements across key metrics. These stats compare (Feb-April 2024) vs the prior 3 months (Nov-Jan).

Key Takeaways

Personalizing and segmenting email content significantly enhances customer engagement and conversion rates.

Strategic email marketing can significantly increase attributed revenue without relying on constant promotions.

Continuous refinement and optimization of email flows are crucial for maintaining and increasing engagement and revenue.


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