How GR0 Catapulted CoinTracker to $200K/Month in Profitable Ad Spend Through Paid Media


The Problem

CoinTracker, fresh on the scene in 2021, aimed to dominate the murky waters of cryptocurrency taxation — a new challenge for many investors needing to file crypto-related tax returns. 

Despite their innovative platform designed to simplify tax obligations for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, CoinTracker was grappling with two major challenges. Firstly, they hadn’t launched any paid social campaigns, leaving a significant reach untapped. They turned to GR0 to ignite their market entry with a robust paid social strategy aimed at securing a profitable return on ad spend at scale

Additionally, while they had experimented with creating their own Google Ads, their efforts were confined to modest budgets that barely scratched the surface of their potential. Their clear goal was to power through these limitations, aiming to scale their advertising to achieve a sub-$100 cost per conversion, specifically targeting high-intent nonbrand searches around crypto taxes. This dual strategy was not just about gaining visibility but ensuring every ad dollar spent translated into real, paying subscribers.

Our Strategy

At GR0, our approach to launching CoinTracker into the competitive landscape of crypto taxation was methodical and data-driven. We started by overhauling their Google Ads, meticulously targeting an extensive array of keywords specific to cryptocurrencies and trading platforms. This strategy wasn’t just about reaching a wide audience; it was about precision — connecting with users precisely when they were searching for crypto tax solutions.

The backbone of our strategy was the aggressive use of CPA bidding, which allowed us to tightly control costs while maximizing reach. As the tax season approached, we strategically increased ad spend to match the spike in crypto trading activities, leveraging the heightened market interest to drive conversions at costs significantly below our initial CPA targets.

Our weekly sync-ups with CoinTracker were crucial for maintaining this momentum. By continuously analyzing performance data and adjusting our tactics in real-time, we made sure that every campaign not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating the power of adaptive strategy in digital marketing.


  • We mapped out CoinTracker's rapid increase in user engagement, capturing how strategic tweaks amplified conversions over time.

  • Our crafted search ads targeted precise crypto-related queries, efficiently drawing in a highly relevant audience keen on tax solutions.

  • Analyzed how shifts in cryptocurrency prices influenced sign-up rates, adjusting our strategies in real-time to capitalize on these trends.

  • Demonstrated how CoinTracker became a prominent name in the crypto tax space, achieving search term popularity on par with generic industry keywords like 'crypto taxes'.

Our Results

  • We ramped up their monthly ad spend from a modest initial budget to over seven figures, illustrating a bold and aggressive scale-up.

  • Our campaigns consistently delivered a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) exceeding 3.5 times, affirming the profitability and sustainability of our strategies.

  • This explosive growth and proven market impact were pivotal in CoinTracker securing a whopping $100 million in funding at a valuation of $1.3 billion.

Proven Success

Navigating the intricate space of crypto taxation, we managed to scale CoinTracker's monthly ad spend from four figures to seven figures within a year, reflecting a deep understanding of the market's dynamics. 

Our focused efforts in paid search and social campaigns directly influenced their monumental funding achievements, including a remarkable $100 million raise that catapulted their valuation to $1.3 billion

The real victory here extends beyond numbers; it's in establishing CoinTracker as a pioneering force in a niche market, turning them into a fintech unicorn in record time. This was a significant step in legitimizing crypto tax services, making a complex process accessible and driving unprecedented growth through strategic digital marketing.


Key Takeaways

For new market entrants like CoinTracker, precisely matching ad creatives and copy with the right landing pages and audience segments is critical to capitalize on every interaction.

Strategic CPA caps and continuous optimizations ensure sustainable growth — even at larger scales.

Leveraging peak seasons effectively allows for aggressive and profitable scaling, maximizing ROI when user intent is highest.


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