How GR0 Increased Sales of "Happier Than Ever" Merchandise Amidst Intense Competition



Increase in Lifetime ROAS


Peak Increase in ROAS of the Campaign


SKUs We Were Able to Promote With Our Strategy

The Challenge

In the music industry, an artist's album release is a golden opportunity for merchandise sales. However, with the highly anticipated release of Billie Eilish's "Happier Than Ever," the market was flooded with knockoff stores eager to capitalize on the buzz. ‍

Eilish's team faced the challenge of regaining their market share and maximizing sales from the surge in search volume around the album's release.

The Strategy

First, we targeted Google Shopping Campaigns. Recognizing the high intent behind specific searches, we launched campaigns targeting terms such as “Billie Eilish hoodies” and “Billie Eilish merch” to capture those eager to purchase genuine merchandise.‍

Next, we focused on Meta Ad Integration. To expand reach and impact, ads were also rolled out on Meta platforms, ensuring a comprehensive online presence.‍

Using this approach, we were able to help the Billie Eilish team reclaim market share, exceed sales goals, and achieve broad product promotion for their 756 SKUs including hats, t-shirts, hoodies, vinyls, CDs, and digital downloads.

Key Takeaways

Timed campaigns around album releases can capture heightened interest and search volume, leading to substantial sales opportunities.

Broad platform presence, spanning both Google and Meta, is crucial in today's digital advertising landscape.

In a competitive market, targeted and strategic campaigns can help genuine merchandise stand out and achieve impressive ROAS.


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