GR0 generated billions of page views with Search Engine Optimization

GR0 is the fastest-growing SEO agency for good reason. We build massive organic content campaigns for today’s biggest brands and tomorrow’s future disruptors.

Our team of dedicated writers, search experts, and data-driven editors create content that’s turned in billions of views — and counting.

Our 4-Pillar SEO Strategy

We align our SEO expertise and capabilities with your business goals, resulting in a holistic strategy that drives the KPIs and priorities you care about.

1. On-Page Optimization

Our team will ensure that your site is in optimal health, able to be crawled by Google and prioritized in search results. In other words, we crawl your website and look at the title tags, Headings and meta descriptions and re-write them to be optimized for the highest value keywords for your business.

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2. Content Writing

This is the part of our offering that you (and your prospective customers) can touch and feel, so we make it exceptional. Simply put, we answer questions consumers have on Google about your products or services and we put those answers on your blog. This allows you to show up on Google for all things related to your business.

Our writers are in-house and come from a myriad of literary backgrounds from schools like Georgetown and Harvard, to name a couple.

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3. Performance PR

Our team has partnered with 5,000+ reporters from all major publications and as a result, we act as a source for hundreds of journalists for upcoming stories they are working on. We provide quotes and story-lines for these journalists and in return, we get you featured with a do-follow back-link to your home page.

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4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO represents the critical foundation of any successful SEO strategy. We conduct in-depth audits to identify opportunities & gaps in Google or webmaster best practices on your website. Our technical recommendations are then prioritized and integrated within our holistic SEO strategy, ensuring the success of our campaign.

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Data-Driven Results

GR0 supports SEO execution from ideation to implementation, ensuring our efforts are impactful.

How much of my marketing budget should I dedicate to SEO?

A good rule of thumb for SEO budgets is that it should scale proportionally alongside your other digital marketing efforts. The reason is that SEO efforts result in efficiency improvements in most marketing channels that rely upon the website. SEO will need sufficient budget, and development resources for implementation, to keep up.

How long does SEO take?

To see results from SEO efforts, for most websites, will take 3 or more months. It’s often said that ‘SEO is a Marathon’ and some SEO efforts may take a year or more to fully be seen. Your Mileage may vary when it comes to seeing results depending on where your website is at in terms of authority, content, and a large number of other factors.

Why do people say ‘SEO is a marathon?’

There are two big factors to SEO being a marathon. The first is the complexity of the Google algorithm and the time it takes to complete its iterative process of finding any one page relevant for a keyword. The second is the SEO and development budget. While the process cannot be sped up, it can only cover more ground with sufficient resources for fast implementation.

Should I do SEO, Paid Search, or Both?

While there may be no one size fits all answer for every website or business it’s always wise to invest in as many marketing channels as you’re able.  Luckily, no matter what your needs GR0 has you covered with our award-winning SEO services and our top-notch Google Ads service.

What do I do if my website’s organic traffic starts falling?

Due to the over 200 ranking factors, it’s not always easy to know why a website suddenly loses traffic.  From manual penalties, and algorithm changes, to shifts in search intent GR0 specializes in staying on top of the latest happenings in search and understanding the underlying causes of traffic gains and drops.

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