Success story:

How GR0 Leveraged SEO for Fighting for you

With an award-winning team of lawyers, the Schwartzapfel Lawyers bring tried-and-true expertise to their clients. With a winning track record and industry-wide recognition, this legal team fights for their clients to bring justice to the area of New York City.

Our Strategy:


On-Page Optimizations


Reporter Outreach

Our results over 12 months:


Increase in Organic Contact Form Fills


Increase in Ranking Keywords


Increase in Unique Monthly Visitors


Increase in Referring Domains


Our Challenge

When Fighting For You first came on, the goal was to increase keyword rankings for terms the client gave to us. Since they’re in a very competitive market/area, we knew this was going to be an uphill battle. The goal now is to become the leading local authority regarding any construction law news.

Our Results

As of recent, we’ve pivoted to a more local-centric strategy.


What Our Clients Are Saying

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