How GR0 Helped a New, Low SERP Ranking E-Bike Brand Rank With Top Competitors in Just 6 Months



Increase in Monthly Direct Organic Revenue


Increase Top Ten Keywords


Increase in Organic Click & Impressions

The Challenge

A global electric bike brand sought to increase its presence in the competitive US market. Recognizing the potential of targeted content marketing, they turned to GR0 for assistance. The goal was to generate quality SEO-driven articles that would effectively raise awareness among their target audience across the United States.

The Strategy

With a monthly budget of $5,000, our approach involved crafting six high-quality articles each month. We identified nine underperforming articles and optimized them to maximize their impact, focusing on specific e-bike keywords. ‍Our research led to the approval of 24 new keywords for targeted blog articles, tailored to specific regions within the US market. We conducted thorough On-Page Optimization (OPO) for their product pages, adhering to best SEO practices for improved ranking potential. Within 6 months, we’ve achieved remarkable outcomes, with clicks and impressions increasing by over 100%.ExamplesOne of our articles, titled “How to Find the Best Bike for Arthritic Knees” is a top performing blog in Google Search Console. After our optimizations, impressions increased by 274% and clicks increased by 189%.

Above you can see that keywords have more than doubled with our blog optimizations and new published articles.

Key Takeaways

Quality content is crucial for achieving brand awareness and attracting new audiences during their product consideration phase.

To establish dominance in a niche, you need a combination of content, links, and technical SEO.

Developing content aids in ranking for revenue-generating product pages, though it requires consistent effort and adherence to best SEO practices.


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