About Us

What makes GR0 great?

Simple, it’s the people who work here.

We're Experts,
So You Don't Have To Be

The methods are new, but the philosophy is simple: GR0 will help your business make more money.

With a hyper-focus on organic search, GR0 empowers clients to build powerful online brands that deliver incredible value and joy to consumers. We have done it several times over and really feel like we are just getting started!

Humble and happy employees
Fired up calls on a Friday night from happy CEOs reviewing their traffic gains
Shots of espresso consumed by one of our founders per month
1 Billion
New page views on our clients’ blog content to date

We are in the business of helping businesses. We are constantly striving to help our clients achieve their goals – it’s the only way GR0 can become the company we envision.

Meet The Team

Kevin Miller
Co-Founder and CEO
Leeann Schudel
Executive Assistant
Kevin Hwang
Vice President, Finance
Denisse Guenoun
Employee Experience Lead
Caroline Forier
Content Coordinator
Joshua Crusie
Quality Assurance & Content Upload Specialist
Gordon Ferris
Vice President, Operations
Alexandre Brown
Associate Talent Recruiter
Darrell Sanders
Junior Strategist, SEO
Maddie Kohne
Staff Accountant, Finance
Javier Romo
Analyst, Paid Search
Amber Romig
Strategist, SEO
Lauren Galvez
Analyst, SEO
Julie Eisen
Account Manager, SEO
Mariah Parham
Office Administrator
Hayley Fader
Lead Strategist, SEO
Jackie Hymes
Account Manager, SEO
Michael Uribe
Co-Head of Google Ads, Paid Search
Kristy Pirone
Editorial Content Manager
Seth Trammell
Lead Analyst, SEO
Nick Varga
Strategist, SEO
Jefferson Moore
Strategist, SEO
Benjamin Jablonski
Strategist, SEO
Wyatt Edgecomb
Analyst, SEO
John Tsenekos
Strategist, SEO
Zachary Sass
Strategist, SEO
Sarah Magaña
Account Manager, SEO
Addisson Lacroix
Strategist, SEO
Emy LaCroix
Senior Managing Editor, Writing & Branding
Jordan Berns
Editorial Content Manager, Lifestyle
Hannah Marchese
Editorial Content Manager, Lifestyle
Deven Bhagwandin
Editorial Content Manager, B2B
Therese Boccini
Senior Managing Editor, Lifestyle
Anthony Taborn
Front-End Developer, Technology
Wayne Wong
Manager, Accounting Operations
Molly Fenton
Account Manager, Affiliates
Molly Connor
Manager, Operations
Michael Olsher
Enterprise Account Manager, SEO
Lindsey Schwartz
Sales Representative
Kirkland Gee
Manager, Learning & Development
Bridget Reed
Director, Content
Ben Sheppard
Strategist, SEO
Dylan Hessamian
Lead Account Manager, SEO
Milagros Viquez
Account Manager, SEO
Anthony Jackson
Strategist, SEO
Allison Ipsen-Lestrade
Editorial Content Manager, Health & Regulatory Affairs
Amber May Alden
Front-End Analyst, Technology
Camille Freking
Senior Managing Editor, Health & Regulatory Affairs
Jon Zacharias
Chief Growth Officer
David Skinner
Technical Accounting, Manager
Rose Arutyunyan
Associate Financial Analyst
Joshua Sosin
Content Coordinator
Austin Ryder
Account Manager, SEO
Antoine Hines
Account Manager, Paid Search
Jordan Peterson
Lead Account Manager, SEO
Liz Perry
Manager, Client Success
Chrissy Cho
Strategist, SEO
Walter Silveira
Account Manager, SEO
John Alden
Associate Director, Product
Tyler Rhodes
Associate Director, Google Ads
Daniela Wojciechowska
Senior Manager, Performance PR
Jason Aaron
Learning & Development Specialist, Performance PR
Emma Lombardi
Account Manager, Performance PR
John Morinaga
Director, Client Success
Aaron Friedman
Vice President, People
Ross Youell
Account Coordinator, Performance PR
Felix von Sass
Computer System Analyst
Daphne Marcil
Management Consultant
Nathan Gage
Junior Analyst, Paid Search
Gerald Lombardo
Associate Director, Performance PR
Nina Wyrick
Writer Coordinator
Jody Ifill
LinkedIn Branding Specialist
Joshua Clouden
Associate, Talent Recruitment
Nicole Cremeans
Executive Assistant
Seth Alden
Business Development Representative
Gabes Hovendon
Editorial Content Manager, B2B
Tracy Chopek
Editorial Content Manager, Lifestyle
Ava Nicewonder
Campaign Manager, SEO
Paul Teddy
Director, SEO
Savanna Sherman
LinkedIn Branding Specialist
Samuel Moscinski
Campaign Manager, SEO
Kyle Cunningham
Content Coordinator
Jason Boehle
Director, Email & SMS Marketing
David Friedman
Associate Campaign Manager, SEO
Melissa Pietz
Associate, Talent Recruitment