How we increased Vaster’s organic traffic by 60x, becoming responsible for over 90% of the site’s total traffic



Increase in unique monthly organic visitors


Increased total number of referring domains


Increase in top 10 organic keyword rankings

The Challenge

Vaster Capital is a private lender that came to GR0 wanting to own a larger portion of their extremely competitive market. Their site wasn’t ranking for any of their targeted keywords and had few domains providing high-authority backlinks. We knew we had our work cut out for us.‍

The Strategy

We started the campaign by targeting both retail investors and accredited B2B and B2C real estate investors. We knew that providing high quality content  in a profitable vertical would drive massive engagement with potential investors. 

We created market reports and informative content for their site, which has been the core of their growth and sales improvements. In addition, we optimized existing service pages to increase conversions and leads.‍

E-E-A-T was an important part of Vaster’s strategy. We focused heavily on the authorship pages, ensuring each page accurately listed the individuals’ expertise, experience, education, specializations, and more, to prove their importance to Google.‍

We also acquired high-authorityexternal links, which, combined with our content efforts and on-page optimizations, led to a direct increase in organic traffic and conversions.

Organic Users

Organic Clicks and Impressions

Key Takeaways

Informational content (such as high quality, in-depth market reports) are crucial to drive engagement with potential investors.

To increase conversions, you need expert-reviewed content, links, and on page optimizations.

Building content and links helps conversion-driving service pages rank higher — it just takes time and commitment.


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