Success story:

How GR0 Leveraged SEO for TextSanity

A text marketing brand that partners with businesses to help streamline communication and increase customer engagement. With multiple customizable options and business strategies, TextSanity makes text marketing easy for everyone.

Our Strategy:



Subscription RO

Backlinks, Content

Performance PR

Our results over 12 months:


Increase in Registration Completions


Increase in Ranking Keywords


Increase in Traffic Value


Increase in Unique Monthly Visitors


Increase in Referring Domains


Increase in Organic Clicks


Our Challenge

TextSanity’s industry (SMS Marketing) is extremely niched, with the vast majority of target keywords having very low search volumes. Many SEO titles were too long and numerous images were missing alt texts. Their core web vitals metrics were much lower than competitors, which proved another challenge.

Our Results

Because of the above challenges, our content strategy focused on high-quality traffic rather than sheer volume. We optimized all the SEO titles and image alt texts in addition to other on-page optimizations. 

We mapped out their redirects, identified errors across the site, updated imagery, added more content into strategic places, structured mark-up data for their video pages, and offered other technical & on-page work to ensure the migration was pushed with as little problems as possible.

We also helped improve their core web vitals, finally getting them in the green for all metrics. The plugin for WordPress called “NitroPak” was the final step and made a huge measurable / quantifiable difference in their organic performance


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The best part about working with GR0 is the people. The dedicated account manager goes above and beyond to ensure consistent growth for our business. They don't just address the obvious but dig deeper to find opportunities for growth. We're consistently impressed by their knowledge, dedication, and hard work. You know a company by its people, and GR0 has great people!"

Carrie Duford, Chief Marketing Officer

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