Case Study: RapTV

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About The Company

RapTV is a site dedicated to all things rap. RapTV’s mission is to keep fans informed through a steady stream of content from today’s most popular artists, including breaking news, new releases, and the latest drama. RapTV makes it easy to search for songs, lyrics, artist interviews, and background information you can’t find anywhere else. They also have an extensive merchandise store to help fans look stylish while representing their favorite rappers.

The Problem We Solved

RapTV hired GR0 in July 2020 to expand their website and diversify their marketing beyond Instagram, where they owned the handle @rap. Despite their coveted Instagram username, RapTV was limited by the platform’s lack of reach, which did not provide sufficient traffic to their website.

Our Strategy

GR0 ensured results by focusing on RapTV’s website and searchability. We helped them overhaul their site by improving load times and optimizing their site layout to support additional services. Our goal was to put Rap TV on the front page of numerous related Google searches through SEO technical optimization.


Before GR0’s efforts, RapTV was only getting around 1,000 monthly hits on their website. Those hits would cost approximately $3,000 per month through traditional advertising. After a year with Gr0, RapTV’s monthly hits exploded to about 150,000 unique visitors. Buying that same traffic increase through non-organic advertising would have cost $133,000 per month. As of August 2020, RapTV has 16,000 top ten Google results for related keywords.

Client Experience

GR0 created this campaign to increase web traffic and generate ad revenue from RapTV’s site instead of relying on conversions alone. The method was highly effective, and RapTV has seen a continued increase in site traffic and ad revenue since hiring GR0. With their site linked to such a vast number of related keywords, RapTV will maintain a growing online presence and a steady stream of unique clients for years to come.