Medical & Pharmaceuticals Brands

If the last few years and the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us anything, it’s the massive importance of healthcare in the modern world. Not only are these industries immensely important today, but they’re only going to continue to grow. In fact, a 2021 study shows that over $179 Billion was spent on biopharmaceutical research and development alone in 2018, and those numbers continue to rise.

At GR0, the health of ourselves and those around us is of paramount importance. Making medicine and pharmaceuticals more accessible is even better. That’s why we’re passionate about helping medical and pharmaceutical brands grow and stand out from the competition in this fast-growing industry.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Medical & Pharmaceuticals Brands

01. Strategy

A successful SEO strategy starts with targeted technical work. In this phase of your medical or pharmaceutical brand’s campaign, we run an audit of your site and look for areas that need tweaking for better SEO. Based on the findings of this audit, we will make specific adjustments to improve key aspects of your site, including indexability, architecture, and user experience. Through these strategic adjustments, we ensure that nothing in your site’s structure prevents your medical or pharmaceutical brand from getting the organic traffic it deserves.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we work with the content that is already published on your medical or pharmaceutical website to find areas that need optimization to become more Google-friendly. Our on-page SEO phase helps you bring organic traffic to your web site through careful adjustments to your content copy and metadata. We strategically tweak your titles, your meta descriptions, your URLs, and your content headings, as well as any site-specific data that needs changes. This key aspect of your SEO campaign makes your medical or pharmaceutical brand’s website easily accessible to users and as Google-friendly as possible.

03. Content Writing

With your site in top health and a keyword calendar in place, it’s time to target remaining keywords to maximize your growth. To do this, we’ll match you with a long-form content writer who knows everything there is to know about anatomy, nutrition, chronic diseases, medication dosage, side effects, intended uses, and everything in-between. Plus, all of our content writers are in-house and highly experienced in medicine and pharmaceuticals, so you’re getting top quality content from all angles.

04. Performance PR

The final piece of the puzzle is partnering with our huge network of reputable, trusted industry connections. We’ll work with trusted sites to feature links to your homepage, which in turn leads Google to trust your site more and improve your search rankings. We’ll also help secure direct exposure to people most interested in medicine and pharmaceuticals by partnering with agencies, public figures, and even celebrities whom we have close relationships with around Los Angeles and beyond.

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