Success story:

Marketing for BIOHM Health: Masters of the Fungal Universe

BIOHM Health makes health supplements, super greens powders, and colon cleanse products to utilize your microbiome of healthy bacteria.

Our Strategy:

Long-form Industry Content


Scientific Whitepapers

Add to Cart Optimization

Our results over 12 months:


Total Store Revenue


Email List Growth


Our Challenge

Biohm Health is the first company founded with the goal of combining the benefits of fungi and beneficial bacteria. Our goal was to leverage the expertise of Dr. Ghannoum and his son Afif to inform and educate subscribers the benefits of gut health. We wanted to do this is in a way that clearly articulated product benefits without getting too technical and scientific for the average reader.

Our Results

Leveraging industry white paper's and Biohm Health's gut health guides, we were able to experience 3x email list growth. The increase in email subscribers allowed us to send more relevant content which contributed to a 250% increase in store revenue. Lastly, giving users more add-on options at checkout created an Average Order Value (AOV) increase of $17.66.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I met GR0, I was looking for the expertise I needed to take our email marketing to an elite execution level. Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed by their ability to not only strategize, but to execute. The proof for me was in the numbers they produced, across all the critical KPI’s, the most important one being increasing our revenue, which they did in spades”

Afif Ghannoumn Founder, BIOHM

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