Crypto Brands

While the sacred dollar still reigns supreme for the time being, a new form of financial exchange is taking the world by storm: cryptocurrency.

The explosive popularity of crypto is proof enough that it’s here to stay. 16% of Americans have invested or traded some form of crypto, helping to make it a now trillion-dollar technology. And none of that is possible without the help of businesses and brands like yours making crypto trading easier and more accessible for everyone.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Crypto Brands

01. Strategy

A successful SEO strategy starts with the technical work. In this phase of your crypto brand’s campaign, we conduct an in-depth audit of your site to find areas that need optimization in order to better comply with SEO best practices. From there, we make recommendations for adjustments to your user experience, indexability, and the architecture of your site. Through these changes, nothing on the technical end of your site prevents your law firm from bringing in as much targeted organic traffic as possible.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we look at the existing content that is already on your crypto brand’s website and find areas for optimization. Our on-page SEO phase helps to direct organic traffic to your site via strategic tweaks to copy and metadata. We adjust your titles, meta tags, URL structure, and headers, as well as site-specific data. This part of your campaign makes your crypto website as Google-friendly and accessible to users as possible.

03. Content Writing

Your website is looking like a million bucks, but there’s still room for even more growth! To target remaining keywords, we’ll pair you with long-form content writers who know everything there is to know about investing and trading crypto, and navigating the world of digital finance in general. With top-quality copy coming through your site, you’ll be at the top of Google search results in no time.

04. Performance PR

We’ll also boost your growth by working with some of our many industry connections across cryptocurrency and related fields. By having your links featured on trusted, reputable sites, we can improve your trust and search ranking metrics with Google. We also leverage our close relationships with influencers, celebrities, agencies, and public figures in Los Angeles to give your brand direct exposure to passionate crypto fans who trust these connections.

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