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How MinkDog Leveraged Influencer Marketing

MinkDog Bespoke Blends are the creation of two people who simply love food and care about where it comes from. Striving for social responsibility, Chef Tyler Lewis and Robert Downey Jr. offer exciting flavors with local ingredients.


Specialized Outreach

Creative Briefs


Content Analysis and Reporting

Our results over 12 months:


Instagram Follower Growth


CPM Decrease


Our Challenge

MinkDog launched a new spice blend brand and was looking for brand awareness, strong pieces of content, and social growth which we achieved with our influencer marketing strategy.

Our Results

We conducted a product seeding campaign utilizing micro influencers to reach our target audience. We identified creators who fit our target demographic and sent out product to them on a weekly basis, closely monitoring the performance of their posts to determine which resonated best with our audience. Based on this data, we engaged in further collaborations with the top-performing influencers, such as whitelisting and monthly content packages. This strategy resulted in a significant reduction in CPMs and a high return on ad spend. Overall, we worked with over 300 influencers and saw a 600% growth in our Instagram following, with a campaign CPM of $3.68 and 4 million+ impressions.


What Our Clients Are Saying

GR0's influencer marketing campaign played a huge role in MinkDog's successful launch. Not only did they deliver hundreds of pieces of high-quality content but they also helped to raise brand awareness through Instagram and TikTok. The influencer campaign cut my CPMs in half and drove traffic to the website. It was a pleasure working with GR0's Influencer Team!

Tyler Lewis, Founder

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