Pet Brands

With furry, scaly, and feathery creatures living in more than 90.5 million homes across the United States, the pet market is one that will never stop booming.

We love animals here at GR0, which is why we’re obsessed with helping businesses like yours grow so you can help more loving owners keep their pets happy and healthy. But in a dog-eat-dog industry, it can be tough to make your mark.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Pet Brands

01. Strategy

Your pet brand’s campaign strategy starts with technical SEO. In this phase of your campaign, we run an in-depth audit of your pet brand’s website to find focus points for optimization with the goal of complying with SEO best practices. From there, we present and implement adjustments to key aspects of your site, such as structure and user experience. Through strategic changes, we ensure nothing on the technical side of your site stops your pet brand from attracting as much organic traffic as possible.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we take a close look at the content that is already on your pet brand’s website and find areas to tweak and optimize. Our on-page SEO work helps to direct targeted organic  traffic to your website via changes to the copy and metadata that you already have. We tweak your content titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and content headers, as well as the data that is specific to your site’s architecture. This part of your pet brand’s campaign makes your website Google-friendly and accessible to users.

03. Content Writing

Your site is all spruced up, like a pup with a new haircut. Now it’s time to walk the dog! To that end, we’ll match you with a long form content writer who’s an expert on everything there is to know about cats, dogs, birds, and everything in between. All of our SEO content writers are in-house and highly experienced in pet and animal content, so you know you are getting top quality copy. By filling your website with high-quality blog content, we’ll bring your links to the top of Google search results in no time.

04. Performance PR

Last but not least, we’ll partner with industry connections from our vast network to get your links referenced on reputable, trusted sites, and promoted by beloved, trusted influencers. This will help improve your trust with Google, boost your search ranking, and get you direct exposure from dedicated animal lovers who trust their favorite influencers and sources. It’s the cherry on top of our proven four-prong approach.

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