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The importance of apps on our devices today is so impressive it can be difficult to wrap our heads around. Over 6.5 billion people across the world use smartphones regularly. The backbone of these devices are apps, created by brands like yours. With people spending an average of 4.8 hours each day on their device, most of that time using apps, it's safe to say the app you create has tremendous power to influence people everywhere.

At GR0, we’re no strangers to apps. We know that the best apps can improve your life tremendously, while a not-so-great app can cause major frustration. That’s why we’re happy to work with high-quality app brands like yours to increase your exposure and bring your app to more devices than ever before. After all, with the immense amount of competition on the market, teamwork is the best way to make the dream work.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Apps Brands

01. Strategy

Growing your app brand starts with hand-crafting a strategy for technical SEO. Our GR0 experts combine experience and research to conduct detailed audits on your site. These audits help us make personalized recommendations to make sure your site is as usable and indexable as possible. After auditing your App’s website, we’ll know how to create and optimize content that is highly visible to your target audience on Google.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we'll analyze the pages that already exist on your app’s website, looking for opportunities to boost it for Google best practices. Our on page SEO services make it easier for organic traffic to reach your site by tweaking content and metadata. In this step, we make meaningful changes to meta descriptions, headers, URL structure, and titles, as well as page-specific improvements to make your pages easy for users to find on Google.

03. Content Writing

Now it’s time to let our content writers work their magic. We’ll pair you with a long-form content creator experienced in the realm of apps, app trends, and mobile or desktop device technologies. All of our writers are in-house and specialized in the relevant industry to ensure you get top-quality copy, every time.

04. Performance PR

Finally, we’ll use our strong partnerships and connections to improve your growth even further. Link features on trusted sites are one way we do this, resulting in improved trust from Google and better search rankings. We also leverage special relationships with influencers, agencies, and public figures around Los Angeles and beyond to bring your brand direct exposure from fans that fit the target audience for your app.

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