Success story:

Growing Ikonick From a Startup to the Premier Canvas Brand

IKONICK is a canvas wall art brand created to inspire others by embodying popular culture and working with collaborators to build exclusive collections.


Strategic Popup & Overlays


Shopify+ Apps

Full Funnel Optimization

Our results over 12 months:


Email List Growth


Repeat Purchase Increase


Email Revenue


Our Challenge

IKONICK had a very talented founder team, but needed help fully executing on their digital marketing channel strategy after transitioning to Shopify.

The brand had a number of canvas prints ready to ship and wanted to focus on creating an incredible buying experience that encouraged repeat purchase behavior.

Additionally, new licensing deals were getting signed on a monthly basis and the expectation is we'd be able to move product quickly.

Our Results

We helped grow the email list by 3.5x through strategic offers on the website. Customers loved the product and continued to buy canvases to complete a branded collection or to fill empty wall space. IKONICK became the worldwide leader in canvas art and we were able to 11x email revenue.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“GR0 was the first to touch our email program and created great framework to allow us to scale. As we continued to grow, their experience with working with an array of clients always uncovered new opportunities for us. I would recommend GR0 to anyone! ”

Mark Mastrandrea Founder, IKONICK

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