Beauty & Skincare Brands

Looking your best isn’t just about impressing others, it’s also about building confidence and feeling like your best self. The power of skincare and beauty products is exponential, which explains why the beauty industry is a $130 billion business today, with the skin care industry making up 42% of the annual revenue of the cosmetics industry as a whole.

At GR0, we take our self-care days very seriously. Wellness and appearance in balance and harmony are an essential part of the modern lifestyle. That’s just one of the reasons why we’re devoted to making sure your beauty and skincare company is met with the success and praise it deserves. But with so many competitors trying to make their mark, it can be hard to stand out.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Beauty & Skincare Brands

01. Strategy

The key to al SEO strategy is hard-hitting technical work. In this crucial step, we run in-depth audits to find areas for improvement in Google best practices on your beauty or skincare site and make personalized recommendations for improving usability, architecture, and Google indexing ability. Through the work done in this phase of your campaign, we ensure that nothing under your site’s hood prevents you from getting the organic traffic your brand deserves. Our technical SEO work lays the groundwork for all the work we do throughout your beauty or skincare site’s campaign and makes sure that your content can easily be found on Google by potential customers.

02. On Page Optimization

After the technical SEO work is done, we start to analyze the content on your beauty or skincare website, optimizing it to increase visibility on Google as possible. Our on page SEO work makes it easy for organic traffic in your target demographic to reach your site. By making tweaks to your copy and metadata, including meta descriptions, titles, blog headers, and URLs, plus page-specific tech fixes, we make your page exactly what Google favors.

03. Content Writing

With your site prettied up, it’s time to put some high-quality blog articles in place to target remaining keywords. One or more of our in-house, long-form content writers experienced and educated in areas of beauty and skincare will be matched with your brand to create top quality copy specifically for you. These writers are experts in everything there is to know about moisturizers, makeup, salicylic acid, BHAs, collagen, anti-aging serums, and everything in between.

04. Performance PR

The best part of beauty is making sure plenty of people see it! We’ll increase your site’s exposure by partnering with our immense network of industry contacts. By featuring links to your site on established, trusted sites across the internet, Google will give your side more credibility and better search rankings. Additionally, we’ll foster direct exposure opportunities to bring your brand straight to interested individuals through our special relationships with influencers, celebrities, talent agencies, and public figures in Los Angeles and beyond.

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