Technology Brands

If you’re reading the words on this page, you can thank the immense technological advancements that have made your mobile device or computer possible. And despite disruptions due to COVID-19, the technology industry only continues growing each year.

At GR0, we rely on technology to run our entire company. So when tech companies like yours need a little bit of help standing out from the millions of competitors, we know how to help take you to the next level.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Technology Brands

01. Strategy

The key to any successful SEO campaign is technical SEO. In this crucial first step, we start with in-depth audits to find opportunities for improvement in Google best practices on your tech site. Then, we make recommendations to ensure that  indexability, usability, and architecture are all optimized so nothing on the back-end stops your site from getting its hard-earned traffic. This step helps us make sure that all the content we create during the campaign is easy for users to find on Google.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we'll take a careful look at the content that is already published on your tech brand’s website, looking for areas that need optimizing. Our on page SEO services ensure that the organic traffic your brand deserves reaches your site by suggesting and making tweaks to content and metadata — including meta descriptions on blog posts, post titles, content and product listing page headers, URL structure, and more— to make your pages as Google-friendly as possible.

03. Content Writing

Now that our on page SEO specialists have optimized your website, it’s time for our long-form content writers to target remaining keywords. We’ll match you with a writer who’s an expert on everything there is to know about software development, hardware troubleshooting, and everything in between. All of our SEO content writers are in-house, highly experienced in tech content, and fully invested in delivering top quality copy.

04. Performance PR

Lastly, we’ll target your domain authority and exposure for growth by partnering with reputable sources across our huge network of connections. Featuring links back to your homepage on trusted, popular sites across the internet will in turn improve your site’s trust and search result rankings with Google. Additionally, we’ll leverage our close relationships with celebrities, talent agencies and Los Angeles based public figures to help bring direct exposure to tech-loving fans dedicated to their favorite influencers.

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