Food and Beverage Brands

The foods and beverages we consume are a source of energy and nourishment for our bodies. But eating and drinking can also be a highly social experience that fosters connection and relationship-building. That’s probably why the food and drink industry reached nearly $6 billion in revenue for 2019 alone.

At Gr0, we’re huge fans of a midday latte, a late nate snack, or an after-dinner fro-yo adventure. And for those reasons, we’re committed to the success of food and drink companies like your own. But with so many competing businesses, it can sometimes feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Food and Beverage Brands

01. Strategy

They key ingredient for your food and beverage brand’s campaign is technical SEO. In this key step at the beginning of the process, we run in-depth audits to find opportunities and gaps in SEO best practices on your food and beverage site. Based on our findings, we make recommendations to maximize usability, indexability, and architecture. That way, nothing behind-the-scenes prevents your site from attracting organic traffic from your target audience. The technical SEO phase ensures that all the content we create and optimize for your food and beverage site can easily be found on Google by potential customers.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we'll analyze the content that already exists on your food and beverage site, looking for ways to optimize for Google best practices. Our on page SEO services help you bring in well-targeted organic visitors by presenting and making tweaks to copy and metadata. We’ll fine-tune your meta descriptions, blog titles, content headers, and even your URLs, as well as page-specific technical improvements to ensure that your site is Google-friendly.

03. Content Writing

Once your website is optimized, we can build on this foundation with brand new, high-quality blog content to target remaining keywords. We’ll do this by pairing you with a long-form content writer who’s an expert in all things food and drink. From flavor profiles to nutritional content and everything in between, our writers are highly experienced in food and beverages. Plus, all of our writers are in-house, so you know you’re getting top quality content.

04. Performance PR

Last but not least, we’ll help increase your reach and domain authority through our high-quality industry connections. By featuring links to your homepage on trusted websites, we can improve how much Google trusts your own website, and increase its search ranking. We also have special relations with influencers, talent agencies, celebrities, and public figures in Los Angeles, all of which can provide a direct link between you and fans of food and drink looking to find their new favorite taste!

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