GR0 will keep your site ahead of the algorithm with the best SEO audits and technical work in the world

The landscape for search changes by the minute. Our technical SEO team ensures you never fall behind with foundational expertise that fine-tunes your website’s infrastructure. We’re the best in the world at improving site search functions — so you don’t have to be.

Services Include

Crawlability & Indexability

GR0 will perform a crawlability & indexability audit to identify gaps in your site’s ability to be crawled and ranked in Google, and where you can improve.

Core Web Vitals

GR0 will conduct a core web vitals performance assessment with a deep dive on your site’s templates for detailed and prioritized recommendations.

International Technical SEO

International technical SEO to communicate best practice site architecture and hreflang configuration.

Link Health Audits

GR0 will perform audits for both backlinks and internal links to identify risky links, challenges associated with your link strategy, and recommendations to improve.

Monthly Monitoring

GR0 will regularly monitor website visibility and health through Google Search Console and other tools on a monthly basis.

Successful Implementation

GR0 will collaborate with client or third party development teams on technical SEO recommendations and ensure proper implementation.

Site Migration Support

GR0 will provide site migration support through best practice checklists, consulting, and redirect mapping recommendations.

Structured Data

GR0 will analyze your site's pages for missing or improperly formatted structured data and suggest additions and corrections that will make your site more machine-readable and eligible for valuable rich snippets in search!

Why Technical SEO is a Must

Technical SEO is a specialized and rapidly changing discipline, and as a result, many web developers are not creating websites with all technical SEO best practices in mind. This reality sometimes leads to websites that are hindered in their success despite having a great product, great content, and a savvy audience.

The most important goal of technical SEO is to ensure that all the content and optimizations we create and suggest can be discovered (crawled) and then found on a search engine by your audience (indexed).

We’re the Experts So You Don’t Have to Be

GR0 integrates technical SEO into our holistic strategy as a key pillar of success for all of our clients.

The GR0 team is supported by technical SEO experts and web developers that can fully guide our technical recommendations from ideation to implementation.

What’s the ROI of Technical SEO?

Everything! Technical SEO is a key pillar of SEO success. While it’s very intuitive to attribute ROI to content and other SEO optimizations, those organic traffic and revenue drivers will not succeed without a solid technical SEO foundation.

Will you be able to monitor my website for impact from Google algorithm updates?

Yes! GR0 lives and breathes the SEO industry and is constantly looking out for Google updates and how they might affect your website.

I have my own development team but they may not be able to take on the work you’re recommending. Can GR0 help?

Yes. GR0 will prioritize any recommendation we make, allowing you to make development resource allocation decisions effectively. GR0 has a team of developers that are able to support most implementation efforts relating to technical SEO.

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