Delivery Service Brands

Convenience and efficiency are the name of the game in almost every modern industry. Since the rise of COVID-19 not long ago, these aspects have become even more important, especially when it comes to getting the things we need from stores to our homes. In 2020, over 111 million users in the U.S. contributed to a $26 billion food delivery industry – and that’s not even mentioning other types of delivery services such as groceries and consumer products.

Whether we’re waiting for a special package or ordering food and groceries to our home, we here at GR0 know the value of efficient, friendly delivery services. That’s just one reason why we’re excited to work with delivery service brands like yours to help you rise and stand out from the competition.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

Delivery Service Brands

01. Strategy

Taking your delivery site to the next level starts with technical SEO. In this critical step of your campaign, we carefully audit your site to find areas that can be optimized for usability, structure, and Google indexing. Through auditing your delivery brand’s website, we work to make your site as visible as possible on Google. This ensures that all of the work we do together throughout your campaign earns all of the organic traffic that your brand deserves.

02. On Page Optimization

Next, we'll focus on optimizing the pages that are already published on your delivery brand’s website. In this step, we’re looking for ways to ensure that organic traffic from your target demographic reaches site through research-backed tweaks to copy and metadata. The changes we make in the on-page optimization stage can include tweaking meta descriptions, URL structure, headers, and titles, as well as page-specific technical changes and improving structured data. Through these tweaks, we work to make your delivery site as accessible to users and indexable to Google as possible.

03. Content Writing

Just as every delivery service needs great drivers to get the job done, we’ll need great blog articles to hit home our keywords. Matching you with in-house, long-form content writers well versed in the delivery service industry, we’ll work to create top quality copy to fill out your website’s blog and bring it to the top of relevant google search results. So the next time someone searches Google with “Deliver food to my house without spills or damage” your article about safe and reliable food delivery service will be the first thing they see.

04. Performance PR

Friends are a powerful force when it comes to growing your reach. At GR0, our vast network of close connections to reputable industry agents, from reporters to other web sources, offers a unique opportunity to bring your links to more people. By featuring links to your homepage on reputable sites, we can improve how much trust and search ranking Google gives your own website. Direct exposure from people looking for delivery services can also be achieved through our special relationships with celebrities, influencers, agencies, and public figures in Los Angeles and beyond, who can share your service with a trusting target audience.

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