August 14, 2023

Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp: What's Better for Ecommerce?

Email marketing is a very popular option for effective digital marketing campaigns. However, when it comes to finding the perfect email marketing platform for your business, the choices may seem overwhelming. 

The competition between Klaviyo and Mailchimp is fierce, and both offer distinct features tailored to various business needs. In this in-depth guide, we'll explore both platforms' functionalities, segmentation abilities, automation features, pricing, and more, to help you decide the right fit for your online store.

What Is Klayvio?

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform designed to help ecommerce businesses build meaningful customer relationships. It offers advanced segmentation, automation, and analytics, and integrates with various platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

Key Features and Functionalities

When using Klayvio, some of its key features and functionalities include:

• Segmentation and Targeting: Klaviyo's advanced segmentation capabilities enable precise targeting of your email list, catering to specific customer behavior, demographics, and even transactional emails, such as purchase history.

• Email Automation:Klaviyo's automated email feature is enhanced by workflow functionality, enabling dynamic product recommendations and personalized experiences that resonate with individual customer needs.

• Analytics and Reporting:Klaviyo's real-time metrics, predictive analytics, and in-depth reporting tools offer a thorough understanding of customer data, empowering businesses to refine and optimize their marketing strategy over time.

• SMS Functionality: Klaviyo's SMS marketing capability allows businesses to extend their reach beyond emails, offering more touchpoints to engage customers.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Ecommerce Businesses

Klaviyo features a user-friendly interface, ecommerce platformintegrations, and customization options are major advantages — however, Klaviyo pricing may be a barrier for small businesses that are just starting out with email marketing campaigns.

What Is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a very popular email marketing platform that offers a range of marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. With Mailchimp's free plan, beginners can start small and scale up.

Key Features and Functionalities

Mailchimp offers compelling features and functionalities for ecommerce, such as:

• Audience Management: Mailchimp simplifies email list management, providing easy segmentation and enabling targeted campaigns that resonate with specific customer segments.

• Campaign Creation: Leveraging Mailchimp's pre-built templates, businesses can create professional-looking email marketing campaigns effortlessly.

• Integrations and API: Mailchimp's extensive integrations include platforms like WooCommerce and Magento, and with the use of tools like Zapier, businesses can access even more options.

• SMSFunctionality:With Mailchimp, businesses can expand their reach through SMS marketing, broadening their multi-channel approach.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Ecommerce Businesses

With Mailchimp, small businesses benefit from free and paid plans, while enjoying features like landing pages and social media integrations. Mailchimp pricing may be more approachable, but some may find limitations in automation features and advanced segmentation.

How Do Klayvio and Mailchimp Compare?

Choosing between Klaviyo and Mailchimp involves an in-depth analysis of various features, functionalities, user experiences, and pricing options. Both have strong aspects, but each may cater differently to individual needs.

Email Templates and Customization

When it comes to email templates and customization, Klaviyo provides highly customizable email templates with robust A/B testing. Ideal for those looking to tweak subject lines, content, and overall design to optimizeopen rate.

Mailchimp's pre-built templates are beginner-friendly and come with multivariate testing, but they might offer less flexibility for those seeking advanced customization. Jordan Erickson, GR0’s Head of Email Marketing & SMS explains that “Klaviyo also offers beginner-friendly templates, so it's not a differentiating feature.”

Ecommerce Integrations

Specializing in ecommerce store solutions, Klaviyo's integrations with platforms like BigCommerce and Magento enable seamless experiences, including order notifications and new subscriber management.

While Mailchimp offers various ecommerce integrations, some platforms may require additional third-party tools such as Zapier.

Automation Capabilities

Klaviyo's sophisticated automation workflows encompass a broad spectrum of tools, from signup forms to retargeting to predictive analytics for conversions, enriched with advanced segmentation.

Although providing standard automation features, Mailchimp may not match Klaviyo in terms of depth, particularly in advanced areas like lifetime value tracking.

SMS Capabilities

Offers a streamlined SMS marketing platform that integrates with existing customer data, offering personalized experiences.

Mailchimp also provides SMS marketing tools, but may not offer the same level of customization or integration as Klaviyo.

Ease of Use

Klayvio is tailored to both beginners and advanced users — in fact, “It's actually incredibly user-friendly and more flexible than Mailchimp,” says Jordan. The CRMintegrations and robust email marketing tools offer a cohesive experience.

Known for its intuitive interface, Mailchimp is often favored by small businesses or those new to email marketing software. The simplicity may be limiting for those needing more advanced functionality.

Customer Support

With Klaviyo, businesses can access comprehensive chat support and extensive online resources to navigate the platform.

Though providing email and chat support, Mailchimp might have longer response times, but like Klaviyo, it also guides new subscribers through the initial setup.

Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

Klaviyo's in-depth analytics and real-time data on customer behavior and segmentation provide nuanced insights for informed decision-making. 

While offering standard reporting tools, Mailchimp's analytics might be more suitable for general marketing needs, lacking some of the detailed insights Klaviyo provides.


Every dime counts when it comes to running a business, so the differences in pricing could be the ultimate decider.

The best part of Klaviyo plans is that you can customize the plan to meet your needs which means you won’t be paying for anything that you don’t use:

The Klaviyo free plan includes 500 monthly email sends and 150 SMS/MMS credits. It’s perfectly fine for anyone looking to try out Klaviyo and get used to the platform, but leaves a lot to be desired for legitimate marketing campaigns. 

The paid plans start at $45 monthly for 15,000 monthly email sends and 150 SMS/MMS credits for between 1,001 and 1,500 contacts. It’s a good option for scaling up from the free plan without committing too much money too fast. 

The customizable plan features email/SMS options and starts at $60 monthly for 15,000 monthly email sends between 1,001 and 1,500 contacts, along with 1,250 SMS monthly credits. The price increases incrementally as you increase the desired number of monthly SMS/MMS credits and tops out at $3,870 a month for 450,000 credits. 

The Mailchimp plans are less customizable, but are clearly defined. The exact details of each plan are extensive, so here is a simplified breakdown:

The Free Plan features 1,000 monthly emails for a single user with no SMS marketing options and email support for the first 30 days.

The Essentials Plan is $13 monthly after a free first month and features 5,000 monthly emails for up to three users with SMS add-ons and 24/7 email & chat support.

The Standard Plan is $20 monthly after a free first month and features 6,000 monthly emails for up to five users with SMS and MMS add-ons and 24/7 email & chat support.

The Premium Plan is $350 monthly and features 150,000 monthly emails for an unlimited number of users with SMS and MMS add-ons and phone & priority customer support. 

How To Choose the Right Platform for Your Business

Understanding your business size, marketing goals, budget, and technical requirements will guide your choice between Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Here's a more detailed breakdown to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Business Needs

Klaviyo's marketing automation tools are typically suitable for growing or larger ecommerce businesses, seeking in-depth customer data analysis, detailed segmentation, and powerful automation features. Mailchimp’s free plan and more basic paid plans, on the other hand, can be the perfect fit for small businesses or startups.

It’s also helpful to clarify what you want to achieve – be it customer retention, increased conversions, or expanding the number of contacts. Klaviyo may provide more advanced tools for detailed customer journey mapping, while Mailchimp offers user-friendly tools for basic marketing strategies.

When it comes to budget, Mailchimp offers cost-effective options, especially with its free plan. However, Klaviyo's more premium plans do offer advanced features. Consider the long-term return on investment and how the features align with your goals.

Evaluating Technical Requirements

Analyze how each platform integrates with existing ecommerce platforms, CRMs, and other tools like WooCommerce or Magento. Klaviyo often offers more specialized ecommerce integrations, while Mailchimp may require additional plugins or connections.

Ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR is essential, too. Both platforms prioritize security, but always confirm that your choice aligns with any specific compliance needs within your industry or region.

Considering Growth and Scalability

Examine how each platform can adapt to your future growth, both in terms of functionality and pricing plans. Klaviyo may provide more scalable options, offering sophisticated email marketing tools to support rapid expansion.

Future Trends and Considerations

As with any marketing channel or strategy, there are considerations to keep in mind when it comes to future trends in email marketing for ecommerce:

• Evolving features of email marketing platforms: Stay informed about how platforms are enhancing features like AI and machine learning, which can drive more personalized and efficient marketing.

• Impact of AI and machine learning: These cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing personalization, retargeting strategies, and predictive analytics. Choosing a platform that keeps pace with these advancements can offer competitive advantages.

• Changing regulations and compliance needs: Regularly review privacy laws and ensure your chosen platform remains compliant. This proactive approach protects your business and builds trust with your customers.

Integration with multichannel marketing strategies: Recognize how both Klaviyo and Mailchimp are expanding beyond email. Exploring SMS, social media integrations, and other channels can harmonize your marketing efforts across different mediums.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp debate doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Your choice should align with your specific needs, preferences, budget, and long-term vision.

Klaviyo may be more suited for those seeking advanced features and comprehensive integrations, while Mailchimp caters to beginners or those seeking simplicity and affordability.

Remember that the best choice today may not be the ideal solution tomorrow. Regularly evaluate your marketing needs in light of evolving trends and emerging technologies to ensure your tools continue to serve your business effectively.

Ready to optimize your email marketing strategy? Schedule a consultation with GR0 today, and let's work together to “GR0” your ecommerce business to new heights! Your future success is just a decision away.


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