Michael Hodges, Associate Paid Media Manager at GR0

Google Ads Search Certification, Google Digital Academy

Areas of Expertise

Performance Media
Knowledge Management
Virtual Reality and the Metaverse

Qualifications and Experience

Acadium Digital Marketing Accelerator

Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University

Knowledge Management Student Exchange,  Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Meta Certified Media Buying Professional, Meta (Facebook)

Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Digital Academy

Google Ads Search Certification, Google Digital Academy

Michael Hodges is an associate Paid media manager at GR0. Michael has an educational background in technology and knowledge management. Michael broke into marketing after college when a web project job overlapped with Facebook Ads. He enjoyed the interaction between data and customers and made a career change in digital marketing.

He decided to gain training in marketing under Erik Harbison at Acadium, where he was selected in the top 5% of applicants to receive competitive 1:1 digital marketing channel and career coaching, 300 hours of immersive objective-based learning of key digital marketing channels, strategic frameworks, and managing paid media campaigns.

With his combination background, Michael is adept at bridging the gap between technology and marketing, delivering innovative solutions that drive tangible growth and success for his clients.

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