Tyler Rhodes, Associate Vice President of Paid Media at GR0

Paid Search Pro with nearly a decade of experience working with small brands up to Fortune 500 companies

Areas of Expertise

Generating ROAS
PPC Marketing
Paid Search Strategy

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Religious Studies from the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Advertising Agency (BAA)

Google Ads Search, Video, Shopping, App Campaigns (2023)

Tyler Rhodes is a Director in the Google Ads department at GR0. With a background in digital marketing for Fortune 100 brands at large paid media agencies, Tyler’s day-to-day work at GR0 is centered around paid media strategy, google ads campaign optimization, and helping brands scale profitably in the B2B/SaaS, e-commerce, legal, and numerous other business verticals. Tyler’s expertise in digital campaign management has enabled him to help hundreds of brands scale their google ads accounts at GR0 over the last several years.

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