Tyler Hewitt, Senior Campaign Manager, SEO

5+ Years in Digital Marketing With a Focus on eCommerce, SaaS and B2B SEO

Areas of Expertise

Content & Backlink Strategy
Technical SEO
Account Management

Qualifications and Experience

2023 Platinum dotCOMM Award Winner for Transformative Digital Marketing Campaigns

Google Analytics 4 Certification

HubSpot Business Analytics Certification

Bachelor of Science in Journalism, concentration in Public Relations and Marketing, Magna Cum Laude

USU CHaSS Award Winner

Tyler Hewitt is a Senior Campaign Manager of SEO at GR0, where he is responsible for managing campaigns for high-priority and enterprise-level clients.

Tyler's journey in SEO began at an event planning start up, where he managed a team of SEO specialists. He gained experience in original content writing, link building, keyword research, email marketing and a variety of offsite and onsite SEO strategies. Tyler later transitioned to working at a reputable radio station in Utah, managing their content and social media strategies. He then pivoted his career to agency work, where he has the opportunity to work with and learn from a diverse set of eCommerce, SaaS and B2B clients across a variety of industries.

Tyler joined the GR0 team as a Campaign Manager of SEO. His understanding of the modern SEO landscape and passion for maximizing results for his clients led him into a Senior role. Tyler's specialities now include content and backlink strategy, technical SEO, account management, and project management. He also has well-developed skills in public relations, social media management, communication, and leadership.

Outside of work, Tyler enjoys spending time with friends and family, including his two cats, playing video and board games, reading, and playing the guitar.

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