Kirkland Gee, SEO Expert

My goal is to simplify SEO - to help it make sense for normal people.

Areas of Expertise

eCommerce SEO
Content Marketing

Qualifications and Experience

Google Ads Search Certification

Certified Notion Expert

HTML, JavaScript, SQL, & Python3 Certifications from Codecademy

I’ve been with GR0 since nearly day one, serving in a few different roles, all related to SEO. My blend of skills in marketing, content, technical SEO, and design allows me to simplify the complex—working cross-functionally with people from all different teams to achieve real, meaningful results for our clients.

I believe that 90% of a successful SEO campaign is in clear, consistent communication. No matter how skilled someone is technically if they can’t communicate the value of the work to the decision-makers in a business, they’ll never make any meaningful progress.

I work to make sure everyone—the SEO team, content writers and editors, developers, marketing managers, and executives—are all on the same page about what’s important, where we should focus our efforts, and how to maximize results.

Personal Website | LinkedIn | GitHub

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