John Alden, Director of Client Activation at GR0

Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology: Data Networking and Security

Areas of Expertise

Direct to Consumer Ecommerce Marketing
Product Development
Omnichannel Digital Marketing

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology: Data Networking and Security

After graduating from Liberty University with a Bachelor's of Science, I began working for GR0 within the SEO department, supporting in the development of our SEO product and its delivery. I started as an SEO Strategist, diving into our clients' market verticals, exploring competitor gap analyses, and crafting strategies to drive organic search marketing growth.

From there, I made a lateral move into GR0's Operations department, where I began building a career in omnichannel digital marketing and product development.

Fast forward three years, I am privileged to be the Director of our Client Activation department, focused on the scaling and servicing of our omnichannel digital marketing strategies for our clients. Working alongside our Sales department, Client Activation focuses on scoping the right products for our prospective clients, then works with the Services teams to ensure a smooth handoff and campaign kickoff process. As GR0 continues our growth into the world of cross-channel or omnichannel digital marketing, the Client Activation team is proud to play an integral part in the development of our processes and work product.

My passion lies with GR0's Mission of demystifying digital marketing and ensuring marketing success for our clients, and that's where I've spent the bulk of my time building experience.

My wife Amber and I live in Virginia with our two golden retrievers, Samwise and Elanor.

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