Caroline Forier, Senior Editor, Content

5+ years of experience as a copywriter and editor & 3+ years of experience in SEO content writing for industry-leading brands across niches

Areas of Expertise

SEO content
Compliance and regulatory affairs

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology, Fordham University

HubSpot SEO Certification

Caroline Forier is a Senior Editor of Content at GR0 and is responsible for delivering high-quality content to high-profile brands across industries, spanning from B2B and tech to health and wellness, CBD, and skincare and beauty. She is passionate about using copywriting to tell a brand's story, help them fine-tune their brand voice and tone, and ultimately connect with their target audiences in order to drive conversions.

Caroline has 5+ years of experience in copywriting, editing, and content management, and joined the GR0 team in 2021, where she has also gained experience in FDA compliance and regulatory affairs, as well as Google EEAT.

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