Bridget Reed, Senior Vice President of Operations

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Leadership

Areas of Expertise

Content & Owned Media
Team Leadership and Strategic Development
Digital Brand Performance Optimization

Qualifications and Experience

A decade in marketing, demonstrating proficiency as a Digital Content Expert.

Proven track record with industry-leading brands.

Mastered content production, strategy, and optimization.

Contributed to over 100 million words of content, amplifying businesses online.

Bridget is an accomplished marketing professional with a decade of experience, currently serving as the Vice President of Owned Media & Content at GR0. Leading three departments and overseeing four specialized teams, Bridget has a proven track record of driving success for industry-leading brands through strategic content production. Her expertise has contributed to the creation of over 100 million words of high-quality content, helping businesses establish and expand their online presence. As a member of the executive team, Bridget's role encompasses content production, strategy development, and performance optimization, enabling brands to thrive in the digital landscape.

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