Case Study: Venus Et Fleur

Value Results
Starting Value
Current value
$1.2 million
Traffic Results
Starting Unique monthly visitors
Current Unique monthly visitors

About The Company

Venus et Fleur’s founders Sunny and Sima developed their business concept after receiving a lackluster floral bouquet. The sorry quality of the flowers dampened their romantic gesture, but it ignited the spark that became their livelihood. The couple creates arrangements and gifts that evoke the elegance of a traditional florist without the worry of bruised petals or wilted stems. Venus et Fleur sells top-notch flowers and accessories that endure, like their popular “eternity roses” that live for an entire year.

Problem We Solved

Venus et Fleur came to GR0 because they wanted to grow their online advertising. They had found success through Facebook advertising but hadn’t been able to expand into Google marketing. They needed help breaking into a broader range of advertising platforms.

Our Strategy

GR0 created SEO-optimized content for the Venus et Fleur blog, in addition to various external articles. To improve Google search results, it’s often true that more content is good content. GR0’s content team wrote over 200 articles to build out the Venus et Fleur blog and organically increase the company’s online traffic.


Before hiring GR0, Venus et Fleur had a monthly value of about $21,000 a month, with about 15,000 unique online visitors monthly. After two years with GR0, Venus et Fleur is worth nearly $1.2 million per month, with 300,000 non-branded monthly visitors. Venus et Fleur has become a front-page result on Google for “black roses” and holds the top result for “roses that last over a year.” With both searches reaching nearly 20k queries in a single month, traffic to Venus et Fleur exploded after hiring GR0.

Client Experience

GR0’s SEO-optimized content put Venus et Fleur on the map, positioning them at the top of highly trafficked Google searches. The resulting influx of non-branded customers shows the efficiency of organic brand advertising. A simple search for “roses” moves consumers one step closer to Venus et Fleur’s products, a fact clearly reflected in the company’s skyrocketing monthly value.