Case Study: Ritual

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About The Company

Ritual is a company created by women for women. They specialize in healthy living, nutritional products for pre- and post-natal care, and everyday supplements. During her pregnancy, Ritual founder Katerina Schnieder could not find prenatal products that used ingredients she could trust. Katerina decided that if she wanted trusted, natural products she could depend on, she would have to make them herself.

Ritual believes that the best supplements are backed by science, so they have dedicated extensive time and effort to creating supplements with trusted ingredients and reliable results. While marketed towards women, Ritual also has a diverse selection of products for men and children.

The Problem We Solved

Ritual’s reach had hit a wall despite their performance marketing savvy. They successfully promoted themselves through Facebook and paid Google ads, but their site traffic still began to plateau. New customers decreased, and the cost of Google marketing was becoming a financial strain. Ritual needed to reach new customers using cost-effective, organic marketing to cut down on projected advertising costs. So, they called GR0.

Our Strategy

GR0 implemented three services to grow Ritual’s client base and expand their reach organically. Through content writing, link acquisition, and technical on-page optimization, GR0 helped Ritual exceed their goals.


When GR0 started working for Ritual, they were worth about $21,000 a month, with an estimated 12,000 unique monthly visitors. Within one year, Ritual saw that number increase to 65,000 monthly visitors, a number that would have cost them $164,000 using Google ads. They currently see a steady flow of unique customers, up to 200,000 per month. These results would have cost nearly $400,000 per month on Google. We helped Ritual rank third on the first page of Google searches for “Prenatal Vegan Vitamins.”

Client Experience

With GR0’s help, Ritual drastically decreased the money spent on Google and other extraneous advertising, allowing them to invest in their company’s organic growth. By improving website speed and search optimization, our team worked directly with Ritual to find a solution that fit their marketing needs.