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Senior vice president of operations

Bridget Reed

Bridget is dedicated marketing professional with over a decade of experience, currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Operations at GR0. Her journey from Head of Content to Senior VP has been driven by a passion for driving success and operational efficiency.

Her experience at GR0 has been marked by a series of achievements and a focus on efficiency:

  • Content Production: Scaled our content department from 19k to 2.5 million words per month and expanded our writer network from 5 to over 300.

  • Technology Innovation: Leveraged AI to enhance content creation, achieving a 30% cost reduction while maintaining our commitment to quality and performance.

  • Operational Efficiency: Transformed underproductive teams into lean, high-performing units, reducing costs and cutting churn.

  • Leadership Excellence: Built a content department of over 200 top-tier writers, achieving top Google results and earning the 2021 Moxie Award for Women Leadership in Tech.

  • Departmental Success: Successfully led and optimized multiple departments, applying strategies for efficiency and performance across the company, culminating in my promotion to Senior VP of Operations.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Bridget is a proud mom of three and a supportive wife. Her approach to leadership is centered around the mindset of 'how we can' rather than 'why we can't,' empowering teams and fostering a positive, solution-oriented environment that drives performance and productivity. She excels in identifying opportunities for improvement, implementing change management strategies to achieve an ideal state, resulting in consistent success and growth.