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We've worked with some of leading Fortune 500 companies, from Apple to Starbucks, Visa to Southwest Airlines.

But you know what? We aren’t passionate about increasing the stock price of Starbucks by 1 penny, we're passionate about scaling a baby food product from $0 to $100 Million - to becoming a household name.

That's what gets us out of bed everyday.

Here's what happened when we partnered with GR0:

CPA dropped by 74% in year 1
Conversion rate grew by 220%
Spend grew by 1900% under GR0's management while increasing efficiency MoM
CTR grew by 84%
Grew from 5-50 employees
Undisclosed Brand with over 100M in sales
We respect our client’s privacy

In looking for an SEM agency, the best outcome is finding a partner who can seamlessly integrate into your team. GR0 is that diamond-in-the-rough partner, and we are lucky to consider them a part of our team.

Since launching in 2021, GR0 has helped us define our big picture Google Ads strategy and has just as easily jumped into the smallest details of execution.

In addition to being among the most skilled media buyers and digital marketers in the industry, they’re great people who truly care about our brand. We love having a partner who celebrates our wins with us.

The Strategy:

Launch a high quality essential good in the US baby market. 

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