GR0 specializes in SMS marketing that motivates your customers to buy

Fun fact: the average open rate for SMS is 5x times that of email. Our SMS tactics reach consumers where they’re most engaged, unlocking massive sales potential for our brand partners. Even better, we seamlessly integrate this channel into your existing marketing stack. Easy and effective.

Our Process


We build your life cycle strategy from scratch by keeping track of and implementing automatic marketing frameworks.


Our design team features seasoned professionals with experience in the digital marketing field. We’ll work with you to make custom templates and eye-catching emails that represent your brand.


Gr0 will design and implement automated email campaigns. We’ll work with you to follow your schedule and get the results you’re looking for.


We’ll build an efficient data flow between your Martech stack and your email marketing platform to give you and your customers a seamless experience.

Reporting & Analytics

GR0 will provide weekly and monthly reports and identify KPIs to help you track success in your email marketing structure.

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